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Workshop – How to Make your Gut your Friend

Workshop – How to Make your Gut your Friend.  Learn how to change your gut health to change your health.

Is you life busy?  Are you thriving or do you feel like you are just surviving to get through your day?

Jan explains:

“Poor gut health is associated with an ever-increasing list of health issues (think unresolved fatigue, poor immunity, being overweight, skin rashes, food intolerances, IBS, joint point and anxiety) as well as health conditions (including depression, Type-2-diabetes, blood sugar and thyroid issues.   It can come with unwanted bloating, wind and other digestive symptoms leaving you feeling uncomfortable and blah. 

It is why I am passionate about helping people understand know how to build good gut health.  It really can make a difference to people’s quality of life.”

My new workshop is designed to help you change your gut health to change your health.  I believe it is about creating the health you need to live a busy life.

Read on for info on a workshop that will explain what you need to know about How to Make your Gut your Friend. How to Change your Gut Health to Change your Health.


Workshop – How to make vegies your friend?

How to eat a balanced diet rich in veg that includes healthier amounts of meat?

We know optimal health is best achieved and maintained through balanced eating and living.

Did you know the average Australian is eating too much meat, in fact twice that which is recommended in our dietary guidelines and almost three times the world average.

Do you also know that the 2012 Health Report indicated that only one in 10 Australians aged 14yrs+ eat their 5 serves of daily veg.

How much veg are you eating?  Do you understand the pros and cons of reducing meat consumption.

Read on for info on a practical and thought-provoking workshop on the ‘how to’ of creating a balanced diet that is rich in veg and includes healthier amounts of meat.


Workshop – How to Eat Healthy

How to eat healthy.

Health, food and nutrition are the new ‘hot it topics’ of our modern-day life.

It is almost impossible to open a magazine, listen to the radio or watch television without receiving the latest of advice on what we should or should not be eating.

Are you confused or feeling a little over-whelmed with how you gain clarity on the fundamentals of healthy eating?

Come along to the workshop for practical, insightful and clear information on how to eat healthy.


Workshop – Re-ignite your vitality through healthy eating

How to re-ignite your vitality through healthy eating.

Balanced and healthy living equates to feeling good, looking great, having clarity of mind and the energy to take on each day and live it to its full potential.

However we know life ebbs and flows, and so our ability to live life in a balanced and healthy manner is sometimes not as easy as it sounds.

Investing in a timely refresh of your health is an important health prevention strategy that will re-invigorate your mind, body and soul.

Come along to this workshop to learn how to re-ignite your vitality through healthy eating and living.

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