Team Wellbeing in the Workplace

Perfecting the formula to foster team high performance is much sought after.

It requires the team to:
  1. Be skilled, competent and capable in their spheres of expertise.
  2. Practice reciprocity and respect in collaborating, engaging in constructive debate and discussion.
  3. Have clarity, buy-in and passion to team vision and purpose, including goals, strategies, measures of success and delivery plans.
  4. Understand the tools and resources required to bring team vision, goals and priorities to reality.
  5. Foster an environment that promotes individual and team ownership and accountability.

All of these ingredients are essential, however they are not sufficient.

I believe you also need to foster peak wellbeing for the team.

Team focused Wellbeing

The program is focused on the team, how each team member and the team as a whole build and sustain quality wellbeing.

What I describe as Wellbeing by Design.

A quality of wellbeing that acts as a foundation for team high performance.

That allows the team to sustain high performance despite the inevitable ebbs and flows of work and personal demands.

It is designed for teams who understand quality of wellbeing has a direct and measurable impact on team performance including their;

  1. Quality of team thinking, ability to make decisions and problem solve.
  2. Ability to pro-actively not reactively manage work environments.
  3. Sustain productivity, be consistent in ability to work “in their flow”.
  4. Quality of team engagement, collaboration, to work as a united team.
  5. Ability for self-direction, in the context of team goals and priorities.
  6. Capacity to remain resilient, prevent overwhelm, and redress stress.

A third of total time at work

Employees spend as much as a third of their life at work.

What happens at work, how individuals and teams respond to what is going on at work, shapes and influences the quality of their wellbeing.

In turn, the quality of their wellbeing, directly shapes and influences their ability to perform at work.

Investing in team wellbeing is an essential modern day team development strategy.

The Team Wellbeing Workplace Program

The Program format?

The programs are bespoke, they are designed based on the needs of the team.

Options include:
  1. Wellbeing Webinars
  2. Wellbeing Workshops
  3. Wellbeing Coaching
  4. Wellbeing by Design Assessment
  5. Wellbeing for Performance Assessment

We will work with you to decide which of these elements are required.

Focus of the program?

Wellbeing theme options include (however are not limited to):

  1. Effective Stress Management
  2. Resilience for High Performers
  3. Energy Management for High Performers
  4. How manage Performance Anxiety
  5. Healthier Eating for High Performance

We will work with you to decide the focus and theme of your program.

Length of the program?

The length will depend on the program design that best suits your business needs, the elements included.

However in general, program length varies from three to six months, however some run as long as twelve months.

It is important to remember learning is a process, so delivery of insight over time, being able reinforce learnings, whilst also giving time for the team to explore and implement learnings and strategies, will bring the best results.

Most commonly clients include a workshop(s) or (webinar(s) together with one-on-one coaching for individual team members in their programs.

This allows for:
  1. Team learning; team insight as to what the team requires, for optimal wellbeing and performance.
  2. Individual learning; one-to-one tailored learning and development for individuals in the team (areas of focus, strategy and pace of change).
Program Benefits?
  1. Understand the the concept of Wellbeing by Design, what it means, how to leverage it to improve wellbeing and performance.
  2. Insight into the nine elements defining Wellbeing, how they interconnect-link, those you need to cultivate, build or refine.
  3. Understand the role of mindset in shaping wellbeing and performance, why knowing what to do does not equal doing it.
  4. Identify practical and effective wellbeing strategies, tools and insights to embed into habits and routines in a sustainable way.
  5. Learn why-what-how of embedding permanent wellbeing change, what the process is, how you navigate inevitable challenges.
  6. Insight into the links and interdependency between wellbeing and performance, how to use wellbeing as a performance lever.
  • Wellbeing is a key enabler of high performance.

Why work with me?

I am a wellbeing and performance coach with 20+ years of experience in business, having held local and global roles in areas including strategy, change management, product development, relationship management, finance and technology.

I have expertise in coaching, human transformation and physiology.

I will leave your team more informed, and more curious about being their best personal and professional selves, and a member of a high performing team.

More info?

Make contact via phone or email.