Employee Workplace Wellbeing

Research confirms those who achieve optimal workplace performance are:

  1. Clear, concise and effective in their decision making.
  2. Excel in engagement, motivation and collaboration.
  3. Practice sustainable energy management.
  4. Able to remain aligned to vision, goals and priorities.
  5. Actively shape how they view and experience their environment.

At Mad for Health, we describe these people with five words:

  1. Informed
  2. Focused
  3. Influential
  4. Productive
  5. Self-directed

Link, Wellbeing & Performance?

The question is what has workplace performance got to do with wellbeing?

At Mad for Health we know the answer is “everything”.

There is an overlap, a link, an interdependency between performance and wellbeing.

If you want quality workplace performance you need to invest in enabling wellbeing.

It is why investment in a targeted Corporate Performance-Wellbeing Program is an essential part of a company’s talent management plan.

Wellbeing to enable performance?

Wellbeing that enables optimal workplace performance is distinguished by excellence in five areas:

  1. Thinking; agile, relevant and focused in problem solving and decision making
  2. Relating capacity; engaged, motivated and collaborative, able to influence others
  3. Doing capacity; energised and productive despite work demands ebbs and flows
  4. Future focused; self directed, solutions and future focused, able to anchor to vision and priorities.
  5. Self aware; have insight and understanding of how beliefs, values, perceptions and attitudes shape wellbeing and performance choices.
Programs are designed to enable wellbeing for high performance.
Programs are designed to deliver targeted learning outcomes.

Employee Wellbeing Workplace Program

This program is designed for your workplace or organisation.

We tailor the program to employee needs and business goals.

The program options include:
  1. Wellbeing workshop(s) and webinar(s).
  2. Key note presentation(s).
  3. Wellbeing coaching; generally conducted one to one.
  4. Wellbeing online assessments.
  5. Wellbeing for Performance online assessments.
Choosing your program focus?

The focus of the program can include (however are not limited to):

  1. Effective Stress Management
  2. Resilience for High Performers
  3. Energy Management for High Performers
  4. How to Manage Performance Anxiety
  5. Healthier Eating for High Performance

We will work with you to decide the most relevant Wellbeing theme for your program.

The program is structured?
  1. Content is aligned to employee wellbeing (performance) needs.
  2. Delivery is designed to maximise employee learning and insight.
  3. Objectives are clear, connected to wellbeing & performance goals.
  4. Employees leave with a practical and effective toolkit of strategies.
  5. Outcomes support achievement of wellbeing & performance priorities.
Program length?

The length will depend on the program design that best suits your business needs, the elements included.

In general, program length varies from six months to twelve months.

Learning is a process, so delivery of insight over time, being able reinforce learnings, whilst also giving time for employees to explore and implement learnings and strategies, will bring the best results.

Program examples?

They include/have included (however are not limited to):

  1. Annual coaching program.  A fixed number of monthly coaching sessions offered to all employees.  Employees book these as needs, and sessions are offered to employees on a first come, first booked basis.  The employee chooses the area of wellbeing for discussion and focus in the session.
  2. Annual Wellbeing Program.  Five to six webinars or workshops are delivered to employees over six months to a year.  Topics for webinars or workshops are agreed. Newsletters are sent to employees following webinars/workshops to reinforce learnings and strategies.
  3. Targeted webinars or workshops that form part of a company’s wider Wellbeing Program. We partner with other providers to deliver insight, learnings and strategies anchored to what is often a quarterly wellbeing theme.
Identify employee wellbeing needs?

If you are unclear on the program that will best meet you employee and business needs, we recommend undertake a Wellbeing Needs & Analysis Survey.

It will give clarity of themes and trends, including common challenges.

We use the survey results to discuss Program options and make recommendations.

Key take-away learnings?
  1. Insight into the links and interdependency between employee wellbeing, employee performance and business success.
  2. Understanding of essential strategies needed for employees to thrive and flourish in often busy, demanding, fast paced business environments.
  3. Clarity of wellbeing and performance drivers, how to cultivate and actively use them as levers to enable performance and business success.
  4. Why shared accountability of wellbeing and performance between organisations and employees is key to leveraging a wellbeing program as a performance development tool.
A Performance-Wellbeing Program is an essential element of your Talent Management Plan.

More info?

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