About Mad for Health

Energetic, Engaged, Empowered, Enlightened

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About Mad for Health


Offers personal, business and organizational nutrition and peak wellbeing consulting services.

We enable our clients to be …

  • “Energetic, Engaged, Empowered, Enlightened”.

Our purpose is to …

  • “Educate, Empower & Inspire”.

We aim to be …

  1. Passionate and engaged – with clients, ourselves, our industry.
  2. Promote evidence based knowledge – abide by the ethos ‘do no harm’.
  3. Practise what we preach – to lead by example in all that we do and say.
  4. Practical – tangible and targeted integrative solutions that enable clarity.


We promote:

  1. Self directed learning by enabling clarity of thinking preferences and what they imply.
  2. Stretch in goals, tailored to where you start your learning journey and your speed of progress.
  3. Solutions focus.  We promote solutions future focussed that seek to enable positive change.
  4. Structure.  Appropriate to facilitate clarity of expectations as to the shape of the change journey.
  5. Sound positive feedback.  To promote confidence in change and performance.

3 Step Approach

We work using a 3 step process called ACE:

  1. Assess: Gain an understanding of you, your current needs and challenges, what you would like to achieve.  To understand the quality of your energy and thinking, your sense of engagement and empowerment to make change informed by and connected to your goals.
  2. Create:  Create a tangible and targeted plan or program tailored to your circumstances and anchored to your goals.  Clarity of a road map to support and guide you.
  3. Enable:  Support, guide and provide structure and tools required to enable you to achieve and sustain your goals.  Monitor and review the steps and progress towards your goals.

An integrated approach …

And because solutions are often multi-dimensional, we partner with respected professionals, practitioners and clinicians to deliver integrated wellbeing and/or workplace performance solutions.

If you would like to know more about our services, please read personal services or corporate performance-wellbeing services.