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How to avoid Vitamin D deficiency

In a land of sunshine like Australia it may be surprising to hear that studies indicate Vitamin D deficiency is becoming more prevalent.  Do you want to know why a Vitamin D deficiency can be a health issue and what role it plays in your health? Do you want clarity on how a deficiency can increase your risk of disease and/or undermine your health?  Would you like to know what is the best way of keeping your Vitamin D levels at an optimum level?

Read more about the role of Vitamin D in your health.

What you need to know about added sugar

The topic of sugar in our diet, specifically added sugar is a continuing hot topic. There are articles written on it, documentaries made about it and more books you could possible read in a lifetime. Some tell you to avoid it and some tell you to eat. Are you confused? Are you wondering what you need to know?

For a short and concise summary of the key facts read my answers to the ten most commonly asked questions I receive on sugar.

How to stay healthy in winter

For many the word winter equates to bugs, colds and flus. And every year it seems we are being told a new wave of bugs is heading for our shores. What do you do? What are the simple and practical strategies you can include in your day-to-day life to build resilience, fortify your immune system and limit your contact with these bugs?

Read on for my insights and practical tips on building and maintaining winter health.

Are you eating too much meat?

Did you know Australians are eating twice the recommended dietary guidelines of meat, we eat almost three times the world average? How much meat should you be eating? How much meat is too much? What are the alternatives to meat you can include in your day-to-day diet? What does moderate meat consumption actually mean day-to-day? And how do you decrease your meat intake but still eat well-rounded balanced and great tasting meals.

Read on for the pros and cons of reducing meat your meat intake.

How to be healthy?

It is hard to pick up a newspaper, listen to the radio, walk into a book store or watch the TV without coming across a program that is not seeking us to eat healthier, become better cooks, be more active or buy the latest or greatest super food. So how do you get healthy? More importantly if you live a busy life where you are short on time and often juggling priorities how easy is it to embed healthy habits into your life? What do you need to think about? Where do you start?

Read on to understand the concept of integrated health and what it implies for being healthy.

Do you know of a food or health myth?

Have you ever discovered what you thought was fact was myth? Have any of these been health related? You will not be surprised to hear as a nutritionist and a health coach I come across food and health myths regularly. I am often not clear where they have come from. What I know, is that they are deeply ingrained in our psyche and they can have significant influence on how health and food habits. Some are harmless however some undermine our attempts to be and stay healthy.

Read on to understand eight common food and health myths which are not true.

Super food – fact or myth?

Did you know that companies manufacturing and distributing quinoa have increased significantly in value in recent times? What the? It is one of the foods hailed as the new superfood. We are told you have to eat it? You could almost believe it has magical super powers that will transform your health. Do not get me wrong, quinoa is a great food. However what does the concept of a super food mean? Is it important to eat superfoods to be healthy?

To understand what the term super food means read on.

Should you be juicing?

Is drinking a daily or weekly juice an essential nutrition / health habit. Can juices help us detox our bodies and improve our health? Are juices better than eating fresh fruit? Are they the answer to weight loss, better skin and ageless beauty? And importantly are there any health issues you need to consider before adopting juicing as a regular health habit?

Read on for my answer to the question, juice or not to juice?

Why do we need time out?

If we believe what we read, hear and see, living a fast paced life that goes from dawn to dusk is a sign of a successful life. Is this really true? At the end of a busy week of multi-tasking and juggling work, home, health and personal priorities how do you feel? Does your head feel a little scrambled? Are you searching for a fix to help you wind down and switch off? What is the fix you reach for? Does it really help you to wind down or switch off? Our bodies are not physiologically designed to go without rest and re-charge.

Read on to understand the value of pause and reflect.

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