Your Personal Wellbeing Coach

Do you want to eat healthier, sleep better, redress ongoing fatigue, lose weight, better manage stress, rediscover long lost vitality or redress habits that undermine the quality of your wellbeing?

Do you know that changing your behaviour is likely your biggest challenge to creating the long term quality wellbeing?

Wellbeing with a different approach

Have you wondered?

  1. Why changing your wellbeing too often feels hard?
  2. Why knowing what to do, does not mean you will do it?
  3. Why after making progress, you may slip back to old habits?
  4. What you need to change your thinking to achieve success?
  5. Why your wellbeing, your choices are not working for you?

Partnership of mindset & behaviour

A mindset is the way we see things, how we experience the world.  It reflects our thinking, our beliefs, attitudes and perceptions.  Including the way we think about and view our wellbeing.

It shapes our wellbeing choices, our habits, routines, what we assume to be true about wellbeing in general, and what it implies for us.  It also shapes what we think is most important for us to do, or not, to have good wellbeing

We start developing our mindsets including those about our wellbeing from a young age, and over time they become deeply ingrained.

The thinking that drives our mindsets becomes automatic.  So we make choices, adopt routines and practice habits without awareness.

We lose awareness of the connection between our underlying beliefs, assumptions and attitudes, and the wellbeing choices, habits and routines we follow.

I understand changing thinking, our mindset is not easy to change.  I understand the challenges involved in changing thinking.

However I understand the journey, what is required to help you evolve your thinking, refine your mindset, to build better quality of health and wellbeing.

Your wellbeing coach

I will be your wellbeing coach

The person who will bring structure, process and focus to enable you to become aware of how you think about wellbeing, and where appropriate, help you evolve, refine and change your thinking, to:

  1. Develop awareness of current thinking, your mindset.
  2. Achieve clarity as to what your mindset implies for wellbeing.
  3. Use new insight to create a plan for wellbeing change.
  4. Help you shape thinking to make and sustain wellbeing change.
I will educate-empower-enable
    1. Create clarity of your future wellbeing.
    2. Gain insight into what needs to change.
    3. Get support to enable the required change.
    4. Stay motivated to make the required change.

Wellbeing by Design Coaching Program

There are two program formats available for working with me.

  1. Five Wellbeing Coaching Sessions
  2. Eight Wellbeing Coaching Sessions
The program includes?
  1. Pre-program online wellbeing assessment(s).
  2. 60mins wellbeing exploratory coaching session to explore your wellbeing coaching needs, what you are seeking to achieve.
  3. 60mins wellbeing objectives setting session to discuss your coaching objectives, areas of coaching focus, and how we will progress.
  4. Ongoing coaching sessions to monitor and review your progress, to refine and evolve as needs your objectives, and where required identify new coaching areas to explore.
  5. Where appropriate, I may recommend additional assessments if I believe that will help us better understand your wellbeing needs.
  6. Learning and insight of the strategies, frameworks and tools required to achieve your wellbeing objectives.
What to expect?
  1. Complete an initial pre-consult wellbeing questionnaire.
  2. Receive one-on-one wellbeing coaching.
  3. Identify areas of wellbeing, thinking, mindset to evolve & change.
  4. Learn what-why-how of achieving permanent wellbeing change.
  5. Receive guidance, strategies & tools for achieving wellbeing change.
Who I work with?
  1. Those generally busy and time poor.
  2. Many juggling multiple personal and work priorities.
  3. Those looking for a new and different approach to wellbeing.
  4. Clients struggling to sustain permanent wellbeing change.
  5. Those trying to be well, but not getting the expected results.
  6. Clients struggling with overwhelm, stress, or at worst burnt-out.
  7. Those feeling worn down or ”stuck in ground hog day”.
  8. Those who need to better leverage benefits offered by wellbeing.

Do wellbeing differently, to get a different wellbeing result!

More info?

Make contact via phone or email.