We work with a broad spectrum of businesses from different industries and disciplines, with their employees at an individual individual, team and organizational level.

We also work with a diverse range of personal clients.

We tailor our approach and solutions to what is most suitable to each client.

Please read testimonials (below) why our approach to wellbeing and nutrition coaching, webinars-workshops and programs deliver effective wellbeing outcomes for our clients.

Personal Testimonials

I thoroughly enjoy every meeting with Jan. Jan has worked with me for several years covering executive coaching, nutrition and wellbeing.  Jan’s wealth of experience is evident in every session. Jan provides the right balance between challenge and support to help me achieve my goals. Jan listens and responds dynamically as my needs change.

Philippa Personal Client

Jan's holistic and pragmatic approach to coaching has been incredibly helpful, especially through a year that was marked with so much unexpected change. She provides practical and transferable frameworks that have helped me process and overcome specific challenges while also providing transferable skills that support ongoing growth and positive habits. She is relatable, approachable and our sessions fly by because she has so much to share. I have recommended her services to several colleagues and would encourage anyone looking for support to get in touch.

Joy Business Client

I would not hesitate to recommend Jan and nutrition and coaching services.  I started working with Jan several months ago, initially around nutrition.  Since I found her methods and tools so useful, I continued working with Jan to see how she could further support our business.  As a result of my experience, I asked Jan to design an Employee Executive Coaching Program for five of my key employees.

Anthony Personal Client

I’ve been going to Jan McLeod for almost 6 months now. I heard she was an expert in working with people like me, so I was excited to see what she could do to help. For someone suffering from both Insulin Resistance and Ulcerative Colitis, Jan helped turn my life around.

Her expert advice on what foods to eat and avoid, as well as creating a lifestyle plan that best suits my conditions is what makes her stand out from other consultants. Jan really makes you feel comfortable within your own skin and focuses on whole health, rather than focusing on weight loss alone.

Since working with Jan I have seen a dramatic change in my body both on the inside and on the out. Jan is an absolute miracle worker and her warm approach makes you look forward to seeing her every time!

Natalie Personal Client

I was fast approaching 50, overweight, tired, vitamin D and Iron deficient, tired with young children and a demanding career, sounds like every mum, normal or so I thought! My body was stressed and I didn’t know it, I just wanted to lose some weight. I started to see Jan and found her very insightful and very knowledgeable. Jan focuses on the person as a whole, mind, body and spirit. Through healthy eating advice, some supplements, great general advice, a warm heart and an ever-listening ear, Jan made me realise the importance of looking after me.

For the first time in years I have lost weight, eat healthier foods with more variety, exercise, get more sleep, am less stressed and my health has improved. Like everyone I fall off the rails at times and Jan quickly helps to put me back on track, I have learned to take better care of myself. Jan is an absolute professional, informs, guides, nurtures and is straight down the line but never judges. Thank you Jan!

Orla Personal Client

I came to see Jan because of an under active thyroid and because I was struggling with always feeling bloated.  I thought I was eating well and maintaining a good healthy lifestyle.  However after completing a food diary at Jan’s request, I discovered the majority of what I was eating was not whole fresh quality nutritious food… from that moment on Jan helped me to understand what foods were best to support thyroid and digestive health and what food were best to limit.

In following her plan I found within a short time (2 weeks) I was already feeling so much better and actually enjoying the food she recommended.  Jan is a beautiful and understanding person and really does care about your health and wants to see you happy and healthy. I recommend Jan to anyone as you will get the results you are after if you do as she says.  She is the expert and knows her stuff.

Nadia Personal Client

I've worked with Jan over the past few years through different stages of my health journey. I found Jan when I was experiencing very high stress and found it difficult to eat anything. She worked with me on my nutrition and the road to recovery. Following that Jan helped me navigate pregnancy health, and now we're working together to improve my wellness during and coming out of lockdown. She has been a trusted wealth of knowledge and guidance.

Alicia Personal Client

Business Testimonials

I've seen Jan's work as a wellbeing coach to our Reward Gateway Australian team, and personally as an Executive Coach and I would highly recommend Jan in both capacities. For me Jan's strengths come from her global leadership experience, her ability to actively listen, ask challenging questions, provide frameworks for approaching situations and suggestions for new areas of learning and development. Most of all, Jan is a great sounding board who helps me to zoom out to fully consider capacity, impact and opportunities.

Kylie Green SVP Global Sales, Reward Gateway

I would not hesitate to recommend Jan as a speaker.  The webinars were informative, pragmatic and insightful. Jan spoke to my extended management team on stress and wellbeing resilience as the team was/is working under significantly increased pressures.  She discussed strategies related to sleep, movement and healthy eating, how to use these to redress overwhelm, mental and physical fatigue and build better resilience.  She coupled this with a discussion of performance strategies, including how to protect and improve decision making, working style and problem solving under high pressure.  The webinars raised team awareness and understanding and importantly provided them practical strategies to action.

Alexandra Davis CEO, Holy Family Services

Jan’s program was timely, engaging and flexible. We first engaged Jan to present to our management team on Wellbeing for Stress Resilience in early 2020.  Jan has a wealth of knowledge and provided our team tips on building resilience, emotional intelligence, positive thinking and wellbeing foundations around nutrition, rest, movement, selfcare and connections.  Jan’s approach was calm, insightful, and realistic.  Our experience led to engaging Jan to work with our wider leadership team who all found her work educational and personally beneficial. Her ongoing wellbeing articles have been an integral part to our team’s communication strategy, supporting them to improve their life balance and keeping their wellbeing at the forefront of their thinking.

Michelle Rowse CEO, YMCA Whittlesea

Jan deepened our understanding of the role our wellbeing plays in underpinning our performance.

Jan recently ran a half day workshop for my Executive Team on how to build peak wellbeing for high performance. Jan delivered a workshop that was interactive, engaging and relevant. She deepened our understanding of the role our wellbeing plays in underpinning our performance in and out of work. And importantly, we finished the session with clarity of the key wellbeing strategies it is essential we give focus and priority to.

Ron Maxwell - Verto Ltd Australia CEO

Understanding of our business needs enabled delivery of tangible outcomes.

We engaged Jan at Varian, on recommendation from an associate, to help our management team balance demands of a complex business in continued growth. Jan’s commitment to understanding our business, meant she was able to deliver tangible and relevant actions. Many of the team have adopted these actions to managing their work performance and wellbeing.  Several of our managers have gone on to private consultation with Jan, as they continue to explore the very real symbiotic relationship between performance and wellbeing. I don’t believe its coincidental we will deliver our best results this year as we continue our personal and professional development learning.

Chris Cowley - Varian Medical Systems CEO

Session rated 9 out of a possible 10
Great content, good energy
Great passion
Most practical presentation we have ever had
Excellent, relevant

CEO Institute Syndicate 62 Chair of Syndicate 62

As a talent management strategy engaging Jan McLeod and her company to deliver this workshop program has been one of the best investments we have made.

Edelman engaged Jan McLeod to design and deliver a series of workshops for our employees focused on building awareness and strategies to better cope with a demanding workplace.  Her experience in business, combined with her expertise in high-performance capabilities and the physiology that underpins workplace wellbeing, enabled Jan to bring the relevant and tailored learnings required by our teams’ to increase their resilience and overall performance.

Lynnette Edmonds - Edelman Australia Talent Director