Your Personal Nutritionist

Nutrition is the branch of science focused on understanding how your body uses nutrients (from food) to build and maintain your wellbeing, and prevent or redress poor health, including disease.

As a nutritionist I understand:
  1. Food is nature’s medicine.
  2. Your wellbeing will reflect what you eat-drink.
  3. Food provides daily raw materials to ‘make’ you.
  4. Raw materials enable the body to grow, repair, maintain.

Eating healthy (most of the time) cultivates the foundation for optimal function; feeling, thinking, behaving, specifically to:

  1. Think clearly, with focus, to problem solve & make decisions
  2. Regulate our emotions, to connect well with ourselves and others
  3. Be and feel energised and productive to ‘get stuff done’; and
  4. Feel connected to our purpose, having a clear direction in life.

Put simply, your wellbeing, you, your ability to prevent or better manage poor health, are the sum of your day-to-day food and drink choices.

Why eat healthy?

Eating healthy helps shape the quality of life.

It gives you the power to shape quality of your thinking, how you feel and regulate your emotions and how you show up and behave each day.

You can shape and influence the quality of your wellbeing through food, by choosing to eat and invest in the benefits of healthier eating.

How can I help?

I want to help you use and leverage the power of food, of healthy eating.

To have more energy, improved mood and mental health, less stress, improved resilience or better deal with a health or wellbeing challenge.

As nutritionist, I can help with:

  • Having more energy, less stress?

    – Sick of feeling tired?
    – Fed up with poor sleep?
    – Stuck in a rut feeling wired and tired?
    – Over the discomfort of bloating & wind.
    – Muscle aches and pains literally a pain in your day?

  • Simple what to eat answers?

    – Want to know the fundamentals of healthier eating?
    – Confused by a million contradicting messages?
    – Want a clear informed simple healthy eating plan?

  • Practical healthy eating solutions?

    – Have you lost weight only to gain it back?
    – Tried restrictive eating impossible to sustain?
    – Received old answers to health issues that did not help?

  • Tailored healthy eating support?

    – Grappling with a change in life impacting quality of your life?
    – Need tailored healthier eating guidance to improve wellbeing?

  • Healthy Ageing by Design?

    – Invest in a preventative healthy eating plan for healthy ageing?
    – Actively shape and influence quality of your wellbeing as you age?

  •  Nutritional support for health challenge?

    – Gut or digestive issues (wind, bloating, pain, reflux, constipation, IBS, SIBO)
    – Stress (poor memory, cannot concentrate, craving sugar, headaches, lack patience)
    – Blood sugar issues (foggy thinking, nausea, sugar cravings, insulin resistance, diabetes)
    – Thyroid issues (unresolved fatigue, weight gain, losing hair, dry skin, too often overwhelmed)
    – Elevated cholesterol (looking for redress with healthier eating, for you to be in charge)
    – Insomnia (can’t get to sleep, can’t stay asleep, wake up tired)
    – Allergies or food intolerance (runny nose, gut upset, headaches, fatigue, sinusitis)

  • Invest in healthier eating to be informed, energised, engaged & focused!
  • Book your nutrition consult now!

How to work with me?

There are three ways you can work with me:

  1. Investing in a Nutrition Plan; details are below.
  2. Investing in a Healthy Eating Program.
  3. Investing in a Wellbeing Coaching Program.

Your Nutrition Plan

What to expect?
  1. For your nutrition consults to be conducted one-on-one.
  2. To complete a pre-nutrition-consult online questionnaire.
  3. To attend (a minimum of) three nutrition consultations.
  4. To receive fact sheets and learn food-healthy eating insights.
  5. To identify the strategies and tools that work best for your needs.
  6. And importantly to learn about the power of food, the potential it offers for improved digestion, sleep, energy, mood, concentration, vitality, and how to prevent and better manage poor health.
Your three nutrition sessions?
  1. Session one is an assessment consult, to understand you, your healthy eating needs, your objectives for eating healthier.
  2. Session two is a plan consult, to present and discuss your plan, its priorities, and how we will progress to put it into effect.
  3. Session three is a review session, to help you stay on track and making good progress implementing your plan.
Who I work with?
  1. Those generally busy and time poor.
  2. Many juggling multiple personal and/or work priorities.
  3. Those looking for a different approach to healthy eating.
  4. Clients struggling to sustain permanent healthy eating change.
  5. Those unwell or with poor health who ‘need’ to eat healthier.
  6. Clients overwhelmed or stressed leading to less healthy eating choices.
  7. Those stuck in ”ground hog day”, or on the ‘no diet works’ cycle.
Further sessions?

Following your three sessions, you can continue to work with me  by simply booking more consults.

Or you may wish to invest in a healthy eating program or consider wellbeing coaching.

More Info?

Please make contact via a call or email.

Healthy Eating Program?

Click here to read about our Healthy Eating Program