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Your Wellbeing Programs


Healthier living by design?

Answer yes to any of these questions?

  1. I have concerns with fatigue, sleep, stress, digestion, food intolerance, allergies, weight gain, pain, mood, menstrual irregularities or eating habits?
  2. I have achieved temporary improvement in my health, only to find myself struggling with the ‘same old issues’ down the track.
  3. I have been diagnosed with a health challenge. (e.g. high cholesterol, high blood pressure, low iron levels, thyroid issues, joint or muscle issues or blood sugar issues?)
  4. I know what I need to do for improve wellbeing, but despite my best intentions somehow life and ‘stuff’ get in my way?

These programs are designed to provide the structure, support, guidance and education you need to achieve the health benefits you seek.

Choose Your Program

  1. Level 1: Healthy Eating Plan by Design
  2. Level 2: Healthier Eating by Design
  3. Level 3: Wellbeing by Design
  4. Wellbeing Refresh: Wellbeing Refresh by Design

Great wellbeing by design

I know what you eat and how you live day-to-day contributes to the quality of your wellbeing from infancy and throughout life.

I know the principles of variety, balance, moderation and quality are synonymous with healthy eating and living.

I also know understand the blend of support, advice and coaching you need to make your health goals a reality.

Invest in creating the quality long term wellbeing you deserve.


Even for the most committed and organised of us, personal change, particularly wellbeing change is difficult.

Programs are designed to help you:

  1. Get your wellbeing priorities on track.
  2. Gain clarity on what wellbeing means to you.
  3. Help guide and navigate challenges that come with well being change.

The programs are designed with the flexibility to:

  1. Ensure you receive the right level of support & guidance.
  2. You receive a tailored plan focussed on enabling your health goals.
  3. And there is option that aligns with your budget.

Your decision?  Decide which package best suits your needs?

What you get?

    1. You receive one on one support
    2. A Nutritional and Lifestyle Health Assessment
    3. You receive a Personalised Nutrition Plan
    4. A Health and Food Diary Review & Analysis
    5. Selected Health Tests
    6. Nutrition Information & Fact Sheets
    7. Supplement Recommendations
    8. Tailored Action Plan
    9. Health Coaching (in some programs)

Design a healthier you?

  1. Level 1: Healthy Eating Plan by Design
  2. Level 2: Healthier Eating by Design
  3. Level 3: Wellbeing by Design
  4. Wellbeing Refresh: Wellbeing Refresh by Design

For more info read the Detailed Program Descriptions

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