Your Healthy Eating Program

Access the support, guidance and coaching you need to achieve your healthy eating and wellbeing goals.

Not sure if you are eating healthy?

Can you answer yes to any of the following?

  1. I have concerns with fatigue, stress, digestion, food intolerance, allergies, weight gain/loss, pain or mood?
  2. I have achieved temporary improvement in the quality of my eating, only to find my old habits return with vengeance.
  3. I have been diagnosed with a health challenge and advised eating healthier is essential to better managing my health? (e.g. high cholesterol, high blood pressure, low iron levels, thyroid issues, joint or muscle issues or blood sugar issues?)
  4. I know I need to eat healthier, I even know what to eat, however despite my best intentions I do not ?
  5. I have tried various eating plans, even a few ‘on trend’. None stuck. I want-need a clear, simple, practical healthier eating plan.

If you said yes, this Healthy Eating Program is designed for you.

This healthy eating program provides the awareness, strategies and motivation to build healthier eating habits.

I will educate-empower-enable

Even for the most committed and organised of us, I understand that personal change, particularly change associated with healthy eating habits, is difficult.

We adopt a three-fold approach:

  1. Educate; build wellbeing insight, awareness and understanding.
  2. Empower; provide effective and practical strategies and tools.
  3. Enable; cultivate a shift in healthy eating thinking, habits, routines.

The Healthy Eating Program

The program format?

There are two healthy eating program formats.

  1. Five Session Program
  2. Eight Session Program
The program includes?
  1. Pre-program online wellbeing and eating habit survey assessment.
  2. 60mins assessment consult to explore and discuss your wellbeing and healthier eating needs and goals.
  3. 60mins plan consult to present and discuss your healthy eating plan.  To confirm it aligns to your needs, is practical and achievable.
  4. Follow up sessions to monitor, review your progress, importantly to refine and evolve as needs your healthy eating plan.
  5. Review of relevant test results and reports to gain context and understanding of your healthy eating and broader wellbeing needs.
  6. Where required, recommend additional tests to better understand your eating and broader wellbeing needs.
  7. Where appropriate, recommend practitioner only supplements.
  8. The guidance, support, strategies and tools for program success.
What to expect?
  1. One-to-one nutritional coaching and guidance.
  2. A level of support & guidance reflecting your needs.
  3. A tailored, practical and achievable plan, aligned to your goals.
  4. Support that allows you to progress at a pace suitable for you.
  5. To embrace the power and benefits of healthy eating.
  6. To learn how to make permanent healthier eating habit change.
The benefits?
  1. Get your healthy eating priorities back in focus and on track.
  2. Gain clarity on what healthy eating strategies work best for you.
  3. Learn to identify and navigate roadblocks to eat healthier.
  4. Better manage thoughts, emotions and behaviour derailing your desire to be a healthy eater.

To understand how to use the power of healthy eating to improve your wellbeing, quality of thinking, your mood, sleep, level of energy and/or prevent or better manage poor health.

Who I work with?

  1. Those generally busy and time poor.
  2. Many juggling multiple personal and/or work priorities.
  3. Those looking for a different approach to healthy eating.
  4. Clients struggling to sustain permanent healthy eating change.
  5. Those unwell or with poor health who ‘need’ to eat healthier.
  6. Clients overwhelmed or stressed leading to less healthy eating choices.
  7. Those stuck in ”ground hog day”, or on the ‘no diet works’ cycle.

More info?

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