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Why invest in coaching?

Do you want to eat healthier, sleep better, redress ongoing fatigue, lose weight, better manage stress, rediscover long lost vitality or redress habits that undermine the quality of your wellbeing?

Do you know that changing your behaviour is likely your biggest challenge to creating the long term quality wellbeing you seek?

Take a different approach

Have you wondered …

  1. Why changing your health can feel hard?
  2. Why even when you know what to do, you do not do it?
  3. Why after making good progress, you slip back to old habits?
  4. What you need to change in your approach to achieve success?

Focus on your mindset

A mindset is the way we see things, how we experience the world.  It reflects our thinking, our beliefs, attitudes and perceptions.  Including the way we think about and view our wellbeing.

We start developing our mindsets including those about our wellbeing from a young age, and over time they become deeply ingrained.

The thinking that drives our mindsets becomes automatic.  We lose awareness of the underlying beliefs and attitudes, we are only aware of what we see and experience.

Thinking, our mindset is not easy to change.  I understand the challenges involved in changing thinking.  I understand the journey to create new thinking.

Your health coach

I will be your health-wellbeing coach.

The person who will bring structure, process and focus to enable you to change your thinking, to:

  1. Develop awareness of your current mindset.
  2. Achieve clarity as to what your mindset implies for your wellbeing.
  3. Use new insight to create a plan for wellbeing change.
  4. And to help you shape the insight required to sustain wellbeing change.


    1. Create clarity of your vision for your future wellbeing.
    2. Gain insight into what you need know to improve your wellbeing.
    3. Get support to empower yourself to change.
    4. Stay inspired on your journey to creating the “new wellbeing you”.
  • Do wellbeing differently, to get a different wellbeing result!

What to expect?

  1. To complete an initial pre-consult questionnaire.
  2. To receive one-on-one coaching.
  3. You insight as to the why-what-how of wellbeing change.
  4. To be given the support, guidance and tools you need to make change.

Who I work with?

Those who are:

  1. Generally busy.
  2. Time poor.
  3. Juggling multiple priorities.
  4. Looking for a new and different approach.
  5. Struggling with the how of wellbeing change.
  6. Want to foster increased wellbeing accountability.
  • Design the wellbeing you deserve.

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