Individual Wellbeing in the Workplace

How do you define success?

Is it landing your dream job, taking the next step in your career, getting that much sought after pay rise, hitting your sales target, bringing in the next big deal, receiving acknowledgement for your program or key project?

Are you on your way to achieving these things?  Or have you possibly achieved some or all of these things?

How are you feeling, what is the quality of your thinking, are you behaving as you would expect?

Energised, engaged, possessing a clear sense of purpose and full clarity as to the options for enabling your work success?

Or is it more accurate to describe you as fatigued, worn down, burnt out, struggling, or at worst stressed, overwhelmed, disengaged or burnt out?

Individual Focused Wellbeing

This program is focused on helping you, the individual, cultivate wellbeing by design.

It has two key goals, to help you build a quality of wellbeing:

  1. To achieve your full personal and professional potential.
  2. From which to build high performance in the workplace.
Designed for individuals seeking to:
  1. Understand how to build improve wellbeing resilience.
  2. Redress and better manage work stress and pressure.
  3. Improve energy, redress ongoing fatigue, re-set work mojo.
  4. Re-invigorate engagement, motivation and inspiration.
  5. Work smarter not harder, better manage competing priorities.
  6. Reduce the risk of overwhelm, at worst risk of burnout.
  7. Foster more sustainable and life friendly work-life boundaries.
  8. Better manage the pace of busy and demanding work environments.
You will:
  1. Unlock insight for leveraging wellbeing as an enabler of performance.
  2. Deep dive into why mindset is key to building quality wellbeing.
  3. Discover how to be energised, engaged, focused and informed.
  4. Learn the art and science of working in the flow; how to flourish.

If you have ever wondered whether having great wellbeing and achieving high performance are competing priorities, this program is for you.

Individual Wellbeing Workplace Program

The program format?

There are two formats available:

  1. Six month program comprising six one-to-one coaching sessions
  2. Twelve month program comprising twelve one-to-one coaching sessions
What to expect?
  1. Complete a Wellbeing by Design Coaching online pre-assessment
  2. A Strengths Assessment Report (or similar report)
  3. Attend a coaching session every 4-6 weeks
  4. To set and be reviewed against clear coaching objectives
  5. Become familiar with bespoke coaching and performance frameworks
  6. Receive a targeted coaching plan tailored to your needs and goals
Program Benefits?
  1. Increased productivity; more sustainable energy.
  2. Improved concentration, memory, less mental fatigue.
  3. Increased engagement, motivation and inspiration.
  4. Better and more effective emotional regulation.
  5. Improved quality in problem solving and decision making.
  6. More self-directed, anchored to purpose, solutions focused.
  7. Increased creativity, better able to work in your ‘flow’ zone.
  8. Clarity in beliefs, values, perceptions, what they imply for wellbeing and performance.

Why work with me?

I am a wellbeing and performance coach with 20+ years of experience in business, having held local and global roles in areas including strategy, change management, product development, relationship management, finance and technology.

I have expertise in coaching, human transformation and physiology.

I will leave you more informed, but also more curious about learning how to become your best personal and professional self.

I understand what is required to create and sustain wellbeing as a lever for building high performance.

More info?

Make contact via phone or email.