About Jan McLeod

Hi. I am Jan, founder of Mad for Health.

I am a wellbeing coach, nutritionist and speaker based in Sydney, Australia.

My driving passion is to educate, empower and enable, to create Wellbeing by Design.

A foundation of wellbeing to unlock personal and professional potential.

I know wellbeing is the sum of your choices and how you think, your mindset.  That it is multi-dimensional.  That there are links between  wellbeing and performance.

I understand wellbeing shapes ability to think, relate, do and connect with others.

It is why I believe wellbeing requires intent in choice and mindset.

I will help you create the intent and choices you need to cultivate wellbeing by design.

Wellbeing by Design

Through Mad for Health I work as a nutritionist and wellbeing coach, with personal and business clients.

It may be fatigue, energy, healthier eating, gut, digestive, sleep, blood sugar or thyroid issues you are struggling with?

Or it may be the ‘modern day scourge’ of unrelenting busyness or negative stress that is your challenge.

Or perhaps you know what to do for your wellbeing however struggle to sustain permanent change.

I will identify the right plan or program for you to enable personal and professional goals.

High Performance Capacity

Through a sister company, The Capacity Equation I work as an executive coach, mentor and speaker.

As a high performance specialist, working with individuals, teams and businesses.

And as a Speaker at business and corporate retreats, conferences and delivering webinars and workshops.

Tangible, integrated, clarity

As a personal or business client, I will help you to build and integrate the knowledge, skills, tools and mindset to flourish personally and professionally.

I look forward to working with you.

I invite you to make contact via a call or an email.

Warm regards Jan