About Jan McLeod

Coach, Mentor, Nutritionist, Speaker

 About Jan McLeod


Hi. I am Jan, founder of Mad for Health.

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I am a coach, mentor, nutritionist and speaker based in Sydney, Australia.

My driving passion is to educate, inspire and empower.

To help my clients design a foundation of wellbeing to unlock their full personal and professional potential.

I understand wellbeing is multi-dimensional.

I understand the link, interconnectedness and interdependency between performance, wellbeing and behavior change.

I understand the quality of your wellbeing influences quality of thinking, relating, doing and ability to connect and stay aligned to what is most important.

I understand this wellbeing does not happen by chance.  It is wellbeing by design.

Wellbeing by Design

Through Mad for Health I work as a clinical nutritionist and health-wellbeing coach.

With personal clients, I focus on endocrine health; the body systems that function to maintain wellbeing balance including the body’s ability to respond to and effectively manage the impact of stress.

For health conditions – think thyroid, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, hormonal, sleep issues, reproductive and digestive challenge.

There are three core offerings:

  1. Nutrition Consults
  2. Health & Wellbeing Coaching
  3. Personal Wellbeing Workshops & Programs

For businesses clients, I help individuals, teams and businesses foster sustainable peak wellbeing that underpins high-performance.

There are four core offerings:

  1. Peak Wellbeing Workshops & Webinars
  2. Peak Wellbeing Programs
  3. Peak Wellbeing-High Performance Coaching
  4. High Performance Thinking Programs

Performance by Design

Through a sister company, The Capacity Equation ( The Capacity Equation ) I work as a executive coach, mentor, speaker and facilitator.

As a specialist in the area of high performance, bringing insight on build quality of performance that allows individuals, teams and organization’s to thrive physically, mentally and psychologically.

There are three key programs offered:

  1. Individual Performance Capacity; build energised, adaptive, influential and self-directed people.
  2. Team Performance Capacity ; build a high-performance team (mindset) thinking and collaboration.
  3. Organisational Performance Capacity ; build resilient high-performance organizational capability.

I am also regularly engaged for Key Note Speaking at business and corporate retreats, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Tangible, integrated, clarity

I am driven by the belief that every person deserves quality wellbeing and high-performance in all aspects of their life.

That this is achieved by ‘active’ choice, by creating a vision, enabled with focus, effort and skill invested over time.

I will help you to build knowledge, skills, focus and clarity to architect quality wellbeing and high-performance.

I look forward to working with you.

Warm regards Jan

Jan McLeod (nee Masciantonio)


Jan’s credentials

  • Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, ATMS (27310)
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Uni of Tas.
  • Fellow CPA, CPA Australia
  • Certified Whole Brain Thinking Practitioner
  • Certified (Brain-Based-Thinking) Coach, Neuroleadership Institute
  • 20 years experience in Senior Management in areas including strategy, relationship, change, financial and general business management.

What clients say?

Jan personal clients describe her as warm, vibrant, knowledgeable and practical’.  Her business clients describe her as ‘engaging, informed, articulate and inspiring’.