About Jan McLeod

Coach, Mentor, Nutritionist, Speaker

 About Jan McLeod


Hi. I am Jan, founder of Mad for Health.

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I am a coach, mentor, nutritionist and speaker based in Sydney, Australia.

My driving passion is to educate, inspire and empower.

To help my clients design a foundation of wellbeing to unlock their full personal and professional potential.

I understand wellbeing is multi-dimensional.

I understand the link, interconnectedness and interdependency between performance, wellbeing and behavior change.

I understand the quality of your wellbeing influences quality of thinking, relating, doing and ability to connect and stay aligned to what is most important.

I understand this wellbeing does not happen by chance.  It is wellbeing by design. 

Wellbeing by Design

Through Mad for Health I work as a nutritionist and health-wellbeing coach.

I help personal clients achieve and sustain wellbeing, including how to effectively respond to and manage the wellbeing impacts of stress.

I typically work with those with unresolved fatigue, seeking to eat healthier or an answer to ‘what is healthy eating’, and those experiencing gut, digestive, thyroid, blood sugar issues or a health challenge where healthy eating is core to the treatment strategy.  I offer:

  1. Healthier Eating Guidance
  2. Health & Wellbeing Coaching
  3. Personal Wellbeing Programs

I help businesses learn how to use wellbeing as a core enabler of high-performance through:

  1. Wellbeing Speaker
  2. Wellbeing Program
  3. Wellbeing to Perform Coaching
  4. Wellbeing Mindset

High Performance by Design

Through a sister company, The Capacity Equation I work as an executive coach, mentor and speaker.

As a specialist in high performance, offering three programs:

  1. Individual Performance Capacity; building energised, adaptive, influential and self-directed people.
  2. High Performance Team Thinking Capacity; building high-performance team mindset.
  3. Organisational Performance Capacity; foster energised, engaged, resilient & self-directed employees.

I am also regularly engaged for Key Note Speaking at business and corporate retreats, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Tangible, integrated, clarity

I am driven by the belief that every person deserves quality wellbeing and high-performance in all aspects of their life.

That this is achieved by ‘active’ choice, by creating a vision, enabled with focus, effort and skill invested over time.

I will help you to build knowledge, skills, focus and clarity to architect quality wellbeing and high-performance.

I look forward to working with you.

Warm regards Jan

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