About Jan McLeod

Coach, Mentor, Nutritionist, Speaker

 About Jan McLeod

Hi. I am Jan, founder of Mad for Health.

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I am a wellbeing coach, nutritionist and speaker based in Sydney, Australia.

My driving passion is to educate, empower and inspire.

To help you design a foundation of wellbeing to unlock your personal and professional potential.

I understand wellbeing is multi-dimensional.

I understand the link, interconnectedness and interdependency between performance, wellbeing and making change.

I understand the quality of your wellbeing influences quality of thinking, relating, doing and ability to connect and stay aligned to what is most important.

I understand this wellbeing does not happen by chance.

I believe in wellbeing by design, I will help you design your wellbeing.

Wellbeing by Design

Through Mad for Health I work as a nutritionist and health-wellbeing coach.

I help personal clients design the wellbeing they need to live and flourish in their day to day lives.

You may be struggling with unresolved fatigue, how to eat healthier or how best to redress gut, digestive, thyroid or blood sugar issues.

You may be challenged with the ‘modern day scourge’ of unrelenting busyness or negative stress.

Or you may know what to do but do not do it.  You are what you eat and do, and what you think. Peak wellbeing is built on the ‘right’ wellbeing mindset.

I also help businesses use wellbeing as a core enabler of employee performance through my wellbeing coaching programs.

To use wellbeing as a lever for fostering high performance.

High Performance Capacity

Through a sister company, The Capacity Equation I work as an executive coach, mentor and speaker.

As a specialist in the what, why and how of building high performance, for individuals, teams and businesses.

It includes being regularly engaged for Key Note Speaking at business and corporate retreats, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Tangible, integrated, clarity

I will help you to build and integrate the knowledge, skills and mindset you need to design the wellbeing that allows you to live life on your terms, to flourish personally and professionally.

I look forward to working with you.

Warm regards Jan