Wellbeing Coaching

A powerful catalyst for wellbeing change:

The ingredients for improved wellbeing include knowledge, strategy, mindset and behaviour change.

However cultivating a different mindset and making behaviour change are likely the biggest hurdles to achieving improved wellbeing.

Coaching is a powerful catalyst for enabling personal, professional or employee workplace change.

Coaching can help individuals and teams achieve improved wellbeing and cultivate a different mindset.

I am a coach, a specialist in wellbeing who works with personal and business clients.

I invite you to read and understand more about the power of coaching.

What is Coaching

1. What is role of coaching?
  • Coaching is an intensive and supported learning and personal development environment.
  • Coaching is a process; one that facilitates and enables progressive change over time.
2. What is the coaching process?

At Mad for Health, we use several bespoke wellbeing and performance coaching models and frameworks.

This includes a coaching change model we call A D A M:

  • AWARE: Build insight and awareness of current wellbeing and what it implies for thinking, feeling and behaving.
  • DECIDE: Review the pros and cons of making change with a view to building a compelling case to commit to change.
  • ACTION: Identify and build a wellbeing strategy tool kit, one comprising knowledge, tools, strategies and motivation.
  • MAINTAIN: Foster the accountability and ownership to stay with the process journey to make permanent change.
3. Who do you work with?
  • We work with personal and business clients.
  • For our personal clients we offer wellbeing coaching, nutrition consultations and healthy eating programs.
  • For our business clients, we offer individual, team and workplace wellbeing for performance coaching and programs.
4. In what scenarios is coaching effective?
  • Coaching is ideal for working one to one with individuals.
  • It can be used for small groups; coaching circles.
  • It can also be used as an overarching approach in delivering organizational wellbeing programs.
5. What are the benefits of coaching?

The benefits you experience will be informed by your personal, professional or business coaching objectives.

Benefits include:

  • Better understanding of the link between wellbeing and your personal and professional goals.
  • Being able to leverage wellbeing to be more energized, engaged, focused and anchored to purpose.
  • Insight into strategies to better manage & regulate emotions and/or reduce risk of mental fatigue.
  • Improved health and wellbeing, the foundation to sustainably flourish, not struggle in/with life.
  • Formulae for cultivating quality wellbeing to achieve sustained step change in performance at work.
  • Capacity for businesses to foster informed, focused, influential, productive, self directed employees.
6. Where can I read more about programs offered?

More Info?

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