Workshop – How to Make your Gut your Friend.  Learn how to change your gut health to change your health.

Is you life busy?  Are you thriving or do you feel like you are just surviving to get through your day?

Jan explains:

“Poor gut health is associated with an ever-increasing list of health issues (think unresolved fatigue, poor immunity, being overweight, skin rashes, food intolerances, IBS, joint point and anxiety) as well as health conditions (including depression, Type-2-diabetes, blood sugar and thyroid issues.   It can come with unwanted bloating, wind and other digestive symptoms leaving you feeling uncomfortable and blah. 

It is why I am passionate about helping people understand know how to build good gut health.  It really can make a difference to people’s quality of life.”

My new workshop is designed to help you change your gut health to change your health.  I believe it is about creating the health you need to live a busy life.

Read on for info on a workshop that will explain what you need to know about How to Make your Gut your Friend. How to Change your Gut Health to Change your Health.

In this workshop you will learn:

  1. The fundamentals of nutrition required for good gut health.
  2. The essentials of good gut health in day-to-day living.
  3. Which foods reduce or increase your risk of gut issues (e.g. bloating, wind).
  4. Why not all probiotics are equal.
  5. Why good gut health is much more than a daily probiotic.
  6. How to create healthy summer meals to fortify your gut health.

Who should attend?

The workshop is perfect for anyone looking to create a plan for redressing symptoms associated with poor gut health.

  • Are you fed up with ongoing bloating, wind or other digestive systems?
  • Are you over feeling fatigue, getting sick with the latest bug or struggling with food intolerances?
  • Do you want more energy, more vitality, to feel good and the ability to deal with a busy life?

Then I encourage you to come along to the workshop.

Jan explains:

As a nutritionist and health coach, I am passionate about promoting healthy balanced eating that is nutritious and tastes good. 

This workshop is an opportunity to begin your journey of changing your health to improve your health. 

It is also a great opportunity to also discover the smell, sight, texture and taste of healthy great tasting summer foods.”

Come along to learn how to Make your Gut your Friend, to learn how to change your gut health to change your health.

What are the details?

  • When:  Saturday 8th November, 2014
  • Time: 10.15 – 11.45 am
  • Where: Concord Library, 60 Flavelle Street, Concord, Sydney, 2137

How to book?

  • This workshop has been completed.

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