Refresh & Spring Clean your Health.

Spring is about renewal, about new beginnings.

It makes it the perfect time to refresh your health.

Let’s approach this logically.

Why a spring refresh?

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Wind, fatigue, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, food cravings, recurring flu, poor concentration or memory, forgetfulness, fluid retention, poor sleep, change in mood that is interfering with your day, sugar cravings, feeling overwhelmed, easily agitated, quick to anger.  Yes I could go on.

I believe the best investment you can make is in your health.  Symptoms are the body’s way of  letting know that something is not quite right.  It  is a signal that you need to take action to refresh and recalibrate.

A spring refresh approach?

When I talk spring refresh, I talk about adopting A NERD lifestyle.  Yes you heard right.

  • A is for avoiding things that tax your health, you will know them as toxins.
  • Nutrition is for nourishing your body with good, wholesome and in season fresh food.
  • E is for exercise, in simple terms moving your body.  We were designed to move.
  • R is for rest and recharge.  Some of us are always moving, in a modern busy world, time out to recharge is essential.
  • D is for de-cluttering, it can be your house, desk or inbox, or your mental thoughts from the distractions of modern living.

Reinvest in fundamentals

It is true, we have organs and systems in the body specifically designed to keep us healthy, we refer to them as our detoxification organs and systems.  However modern life is busy, managing competing demands is part of day to day life.  It is not surprising that over time priorities can clash and unfortunately one of the losers can be our health habits, those routines and rituals we know are essential but somehow get lost in all the activity and doing.

So I recommend you adopt the concept of refresh and re-calibration.  Make a commitment to take time to reinvest and refresh yourself with the fundamentals healthy eating and living.

Who should refresh?

A few questions?

  1. Do you know what to do to eat and live healthy, but have lost your way?
  2. Are you committed 100% to your exercise routine but are confused my all the advice on what is or not healthy eating?
  3. Do you have two speeds, go and stop, and believe the concept of rest and relaxation is for wimps?
  4. Do you spend most of your day, week, month looking after others needs, and end the week overwhelmed, tired and fed up?

I could go on.  I rarely meet someone who could not do with a refresh and recalibration.

Some of us need a refresh and recalibration once a year, others more often.  I practice what I preach and aim to refresh and recalibrate 3-4 times a year.

Need help?

If you are reading my blog, it likely means  you are seeking some guidance or support.

I have created a Spring Refresh Plan.

The basics are it is a 21 day plan accompanied by a 60mins health coaching session.

The weather is warming, days are about to get longer, and Spring has arrived.  I encourage you to seize the day and act now.

Click here for more details.

take care, wishing you good health

ciao Jan