Common food myths.

Yes, food and nutrition myths do exist.  How they come about I am not always sure.

What I know, is that once they can get deeply embedded into people’s beliefs, so naturally they are thought to be fact.

Let’s review some of the more common one’s I come across.

1. Carbs are bad for me

This is a myth I hear a lot.  Poor old carbs have been much maligned.

Actually carbs are very important, here is why.

1. Your body is designed to use carbs as its primary source of fuel.  Yes, carbs are akin to the petrol your car needs to run.

2. Indicatively for a healthy adult, your daily eating plan should comprise approximately 45-50% carbs.

3. Often people equate the word carbs with refined and processed foods such as white bread, muffins, cakes and biscuits.  Carbs are in so many wonderful healthy foods including fruit, veg, beans, lentils, chick peas, nuts, grains, bread and yoghurt.

2:  Food is good OR bad

I understand why some people may take this approach, however I prefer to encourage to have people think about food on a spectrum, as being more healthy and less healthy.

1.  Aim not to demonise food, it can put you at risk of going down the path of restriction.

2.  The body seeks a balance of nutrients, so treats as part of a healthy balanced diet are okay in moderation.

3.  The aim is to eat more foods that are moderately to high on the spectrum, and eat only occasionally foods that are low on the healthy spectrum.

3:  I can eat unhealthy, then use supplements to get the nutrients I need

This may sound appealing but:

1. The body was designed to consume food.  Do you know we start to release digestive enzymes when we see food?

2.  When the body digests and absorbs foods, we know the nutrients it has extracted work synergistically.

3.  There are some supplements which when taken in excess can be toxic to the body.

 4:  You tell how unhealthy you are by how much they weigh

Life is never this simple.

1.  Carrying excessive weight does impact health and can trigger, exacerbate and cause health issues.

2.  Weight however is only one measure of health, not the only measure of health.

3.  You can weigh an amount in the recommended range and still have a health issue.

5. Super foods are the key to good health

I can name so many foods that I could classify as super foods, however:

1.  Foods that I can name as being great healthy foods, can also contain substances which some people have sensitivity to.

2.  Super foods is a marketing term.  It was created to promote foods, however it is important it is used in context.

3.  Just because a small amount of something is good for you, it does not mean a lot of it will be even better.  Remember the body like foods and nutrients in particular ratio’s.

I hope this has been of help dispelling a few of the more common health and nutrition myths you may have heard.

I know there are many more myths out there.

If you would like to know more, you can contact me.

Enjoy your food.

ciao Jan