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How to change your food habits?

How to change your food habits?

Do you know you need to eat better, do you know what you should be eating but still don’t.

Do you feel that despite your best intentions life and stuff seem to derail or seemingly sabotage your efforts?

Have you wondered why?

Read more about what you need to know to begin your journey of changing your food habits.


Workshop – How to Make your Gut your Friend

Workshop – How to Make your Gut your Friend.  Learn how to change your gut health to change your health.

Is you life busy?  Are you thriving or do you feel like you are just surviving to get through your day?

Jan explains:

“Poor gut health is associated with an ever-increasing list of health issues (think unresolved fatigue, poor immunity, being overweight, skin rashes, food intolerances, IBS, joint point and anxiety) as well as health conditions (including depression, Type-2-diabetes, blood sugar and thyroid issues.   It can come with unwanted bloating, wind and other digestive symptoms leaving you feeling uncomfortable and blah. 

It is why I am passionate about helping people understand know how to build good gut health.  It really can make a difference to people’s quality of life.”

My new workshop is designed to help you change your gut health to change your health.  I believe it is about creating the health you need to live a busy life.

Read on for info on a workshop that will explain what you need to know about How to Make your Gut your Friend. How to Change your Gut Health to Change your Health.


How healthy are supermarket dinner kit meals?

How healthy are super market pre-packaged dinner kit meals?

Convenience is much sought after when you are busy and time poor.

Pre-packaged dinner kit supermarket meals have been with us since around the 1950’s.  We are often told they are our best option if we are poor time.

Read on to understand whether this is true.  And importantly to understand how healthy these dinner kit meals are.


Sugar, friend or foe

Sugar and more particularly added sugar also known as honey, sucrose, glucose, fructose, lactose, golden syrup, agave nectar, dextrose, high-fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, fruit-juice concentrate, malt, raw sugar, syrup, malt extract, maple syrup, cane crystals, cane sugar, maltose, treacle, corn syrup, corn sweetener, evaporated cane juice, molasses and palm sugar is continuing to be a hot topic for discussion.

As a result there is a huge volume of information being written about sugar.

Despite this people are telling me they are not clear on the key messages they should be aware of in regard to sugar in their food.

Here are answers to the ten most commonly questions I receive about sugar.


What is the role of food in your health?

What is the role of food in your health?

I am sure you have thought about food and nutrition.  However have you ever paused to think about the role food plays in your determining in other aspects of your health?

Looking for some food for thought?  Sorry could not resist the pun, I know not great, but I am a nutritionist and a health coach not a comedian. 🙂

I invite you to read on.  I promise, no more attempts at humour.


The pros and cons of reducing meat intake?

The pros and cons of reducing meat intake?

It is a commonly asked question.

I believe in a balanced diet so I do not recommend you remove any of the major food groups unless there is good reason.

I believe variety, fresh, moderation and quality are principles synonymous with healthy eating.  Add staying active to this and you have a great foundation for good health.

However it is a question asked a lot, so here is a quick run of some key considerations in this conversation.


Love healthy food but no kale in my brownie please

Love healthy food but no kale in my brownie please.

You will know from having read or heard anything from me that I am passionate about healthy food and mindful-living.

You also know a mantra of mine is “I believe the principles of fresh food, quality, moderation and variety are synonymous with healthy balanced eating”.

I believe aiming to create balance is important in all that we do.

However I am concerned at times that in our pursuit to eat healthy and live mindfully we are losing our focus on balance.

What has this got to do with kale and a brownie?  Read on.


Healthy eating and living, is there a quick fix?

Healthy eating and living, is there a quick fix?

How easy do you find incorporating and/or embedding healthy eating and living habits into your day to day life?

My experience suggests that for many of you it is challenging?

Why is this?

Long term success is complex change  

The concept of healthy eating and mindful-living sounds simple enough does it not?  Don’t we just go out and buy some healthy food and start exercising?  Is that not all there is to it?

I do not think it is this simple.

I believe if you want to achieve long term quality health you need to understand the concept of integrated health and to understand that health comprises a number of elements.  And importantly that is when these elements are in ‘reasonable’ balance that we have the best chance of achieving long term quality health.

Let me explain.