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Organic vs non-organic fruit & veg?

Plates of food

Should you be eating organic fruit and veg?

We know Aussies are not eating enough fruit and veg.  I am therefore often beating the drum to encourage all I can reach to eat more fresh fruit & veg.

A question I often get which follows my recommendation, is does my fruit and veg need to be organic?

Here is my current thoughts on this question.


Health benefits of tea

Health benefits of tea.  A growing body of research supports the health benefits of tea.

It may be easy for some to assume coffee is the world’s favourite non-alcoholic drink, however it is fact tea.

So the all important question, which teas offer health benefits?


How healthy are supermarket dinner kit meals?

How healthy are super market pre-packaged dinner kit meals?

Convenience is much sought after when you are busy and time poor.

Pre-packaged dinner kit supermarket meals have been with us since around the 1950’s.  We are often told they are our best option if we are poor time.

Read on to understand whether this is true.  And importantly to understand how healthy these dinner kit meals are.


The pros and cons of reducing meat intake?

The pros and cons of reducing meat intake?

It is a commonly asked question.

I believe in a balanced diet so I do not recommend you remove any of the major food groups unless there is good reason.

I believe variety, fresh, moderation and quality are principles synonymous with healthy eating.  Add staying active to this and you have a great foundation for good health.

However it is a question asked a lot, so here is a quick run of some key considerations in this conversation.


What is a super food?

What is a super food?  We are often being told to eat them.  Why?  What makes a food a super food?

Do super foods possess super human powers which will be bestowed upon us once we eat them.  Does it mean once we have eaten them we will suddenly want to don blue tights and a red cape and fly across the skies upholding good health for all?

Let me put my dry and yes I agree sometimes unusual sense of humour to one side and move on.

Let us start with a definition.  Most are similar to the tone of this one.  “A nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being”.

But what does that really mean?

Read on.