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Organic vs non-organic fruit & veg?

Plates of food

Should you be eating organic fruit and veg?

We know Aussies are not eating enough fruit and veg.  I am therefore often beating the drum to encourage all I can reach to eat more fresh fruit & veg.

A question I often get which follows my recommendation, is does my fruit and veg need to be organic?

Here is my current thoughts on this question.


How to achieve optimal health?

How to achieve optimal health?  So many health experts, so many health solutions.

Health information and solutions appear infinite.

If you start reading or researching, you may disappear for days, weeks or maybe for months.  And it is likely you will resurface still confused about where to start.

What is it you need to know before you jump in?

Read on for clear and simple insights into what appears to be our modern-day holy grail – our desire for optimal health.


What is diabetes?

What is diabetes?  How can you reduce your risk of diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease and unfortunately its prevalence in the community, from young to old is increasing.

I know some of you may find the topic confronting, however as a nutritionist and health coach I know when I am working with clients helping and supporting them to improve and effectively manage symptoms associated with diabetes, I cannot help reflect on how I would have dearly loved the opportunity to work with them earlier to help prevent or reduce their risk of developing the disease.

Read on to gain a greater understanding of this disease which is having a devastating impact on too many lives.

I answer key and essential questions including what are the key health strategies you can adopt to reduce your risk of developing diabetes.


Vitamin D and Sunshine

Vitamin D deficiency appears to be more prevalent, even outside the season of winter.

And as it is winter, I thought it timely to return to the topic of vitamin D and sunshine.

We understand that excessive amounts of sunshine, particularly during those times of the day when the sun is intense can increase our risk of developing skin cancer.  It is an important message that has been communicated effectively.

However we are unfortunately seeing increasing levels of Vitamin D deficiency particularly in women.  Like most things there are likely multiple factors contributing to this.

I am often asked questions about Vitamin D including why is it important, can get it safely from sunshine, are there are sources and is it possible to take too much when taking a supplement?

Read on for my answers.


Sugar, friend or foe

Sugar and more particularly added sugar also known as honey, sucrose, glucose, fructose, lactose, golden syrup, agave nectar, dextrose, high-fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, fruit-juice concentrate, malt, raw sugar, syrup, malt extract, maple syrup, cane crystals, cane sugar, maltose, treacle, corn syrup, corn sweetener, evaporated cane juice, molasses and palm sugar is continuing to be a hot topic for discussion.

As a result there is a huge volume of information being written about sugar.

Despite this people are telling me they are not clear on the key messages they should be aware of in regard to sugar in their food.

Here are answers to the ten most commonly questions I receive about sugar.


Love healthy food but no kale in my brownie please

Love healthy food but no kale in my brownie please.

You will know from having read or heard anything from me that I am passionate about healthy food and mindful-living.

You also know a mantra of mine is “I believe the principles of fresh food, quality, moderation and variety are synonymous with healthy balanced eating”.

I believe aiming to create balance is important in all that we do.

However I am concerned at times that in our pursuit to eat healthy and live mindfully we are losing our focus on balance.

What has this got to do with kale and a brownie?  Read on.