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This Girl Can

This girl can.

Have you seen the campaign recently launched in the UK.

It’s aim is to encourage girls and women to get active.

In their words “This Girl Can is here to inspire women to wiggle, jiggle, move and prove that judgement is a barrier that can be overcome.”

In reading and watching the campaign I took our 10 key messages.


Simple exercise tips

Simple exercise tips.

Some of us invest a significant amount of time and money to exericse.  And some of us lack the confidence to know where to start being active.

There has been a significant amount of research conducted on exercise.  The concluding principles of this research are consistent and surprisingly common-sense.

Read on for simple exercise tips that I believe will help you reap reward and enjoyment for your efforts.


Getting and staying active long term

Getting active and staying active long term.

What do you do to keep and stay active?  Would you put active and enjoy in the same sentence?

Or does being active conjure up images of discomfort and endurance, sufficient to send you looking for the nearest exit.

Our bodies are designed to move.  When you read through the list of benefits it seems like being active is a no brainer.  Being active improves our mood, combats poor health and disease, increases our energy levels, improves the quality of our sleep, our sex life and ensures we stay strong, mobile and flexible to live a long quality life.  And of course it is fun.

And when have you read a recommendation that did not involve being active as well as eating a healthy food?


How to get active and stay active?

How to get and stay active? And of course enjoy being active?

Let me start with a question.  What is the link between music, housework and being active?

I know you do not like housework, you probably see it as a necessary evil right?

I invite you to change your perspective and see it as an opportunity, an opportunity to get active and have fun.

Not convinced?  Just go with me at this stage and read on.


How much to eat and how much to exercise?

How much should you eat and how much should you exercise?  Does good health simply come down to these two questions?

In seeking to justify the infiltration of junk food ads on our TV, I heard a representative from the Advertising Industry say something to the effect…”it is people’s responsibility to decide what they eat…after all it is about energy in and energy out”.  In effect he was saying balance food intake with how much exercise or activity you do.

Yes, it is true, it is ultimately a person’s responsibility to decide on what they eat, and yes it is important to balance food intake (energy in) with activity/exercise (energy out).

However I am in emphatic disagreement (if such a type of agreement exists) that it is NOT just about how much you eat and howactive you are.

Why?  Because the relationship between health and food quality is being ignored.