Spring Yoga Detox-Cleanse


Yoga Spring Detox-Cleanse – 24th to 29th November 2013

  • Suffering from fatigue, a foggy brain, poor digestion, poor sleep, aching muscles, stress?
  • Would you like to increase your vitality for the coming summer months?
  • Treat yourself to 6 days of nourishing food and nurturing yoga
  • Unleash your vitality in preparation for the summer months

Mad for Health is partnering with J Square Yoga in Five Dock to bring you 6 days of nourishment and nurture – a Spring Yoga Cleanse.  It includes:

  • 6 days of yoga specifically designed to support & promote your body’s cleanse
  • 6 day cleanse menu/eating plan
  • Cleanse Preparation Guidelines
  • Essential Cleanse Basics & Guidelines on Foods to Avoid
  • Lifestyle Guidelines, Shopping List & Recipes
  • Daily email communication to help keep you on track
  • Ability to ask daily questions during the cleanse
  • After Cleanse follow-up to help you maximise your results

All this for only $200.  Dont’ miss out, we would love for you to join us.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


1.  What is the philosophy of a Spring Cleanse?

We are in transition from winter where we are generally indoor bound and focused on hibernation and eating heavier warming type foods.  We are moving toward spring and then summer where we become outdoor bound and focussed on growth, renewal and being active as well as eating lighter and more cooling foods.  The Cleanse will help you prepare for and make the transition.  Just like a garden we need to cultivate an environment in our mind and body to take full advantage of the seasonal change.

 2.  What are the benefits?

The aim is to help you increase your vitality.  Benefits may include:

  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Increased clarity of thinking
  • Improved memory
  • Better digestion
  • Reduced sugar cravings
  • Improved bowel regularity
  • More even mood

 3.      What do I need to do before?

Yoga:  If you are not a member of J Square Yoga you will complete a Pre-Yoga questionnaire to gain clarity of your experience with yoga as well as health conditions or injuries that have potential to impact your ability to undertake any of the yoga poses.

Nutrition:  You will receive Cleanse Guidelines outlining the preparation you need to undertake leading up to the Cleanse.  We will also ask you to complete a brief questionnaire to ensure we understand any health conditions or predispositions you may have.

4.      Can anybody do the Cleanse?

 The Cleanse is designed for normal healthy adults.  If you have any concerns as to whether it is appropriate for you, please contact us to discuss any concerns or issues you have.

 5.      Do I need experience in yoga to participate?

No you do not, Jane Lu who is taking the class is an experienced yoga teacher and she can accommodate a range of levels and experience in the class.

6.      What time will the yoga class be held?

From Sunday 24th November to Friday 29th November from 6.30-7.30am.  This will give you sufficient time to do your class and get on with your normal activities.

7.      What is included in the Cleanse?

  • 6 days of yoga specifically designed to support and promote your body’s cleanse
  • 6 day cleanse menu/eating plan
  • Cleanse Preparation Guidelines
  • Cleanse basics & lifestyle guidelines
  • Shopping list and Recipes
  • Daily email communication to keep you on track
  • Ability to ask daily questions during the Cleanse – you will have access to a restricted Face Book Group where you can ask questions during the Cleanse.
  • After Cleanse follow

8.      Who are the lead practitioners?

The nutritionist is Jan McLeod, founder of Mad for Health based in the inner west of Sydney.  Jan practices in the area of nutritional medicine.   She believes food is nutrition; the foundation to nourish, nurture & revitalise your life.  Her passion is to inspire your passion in health and wellbeing.

Email: [email protected]   and Website: http://madforhealth.com.au

The Yoga Teacher is Jane Lu, owner and principal teacher at J Square Yoga in Five Dock.  Jane is passionate about yoga, its ability to strengthen, heal and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.  Through yoga, Jane seeks to inspire her students to find their path to unlock their true potential.

Email: [email protected] and Website: http://jsquareyoga.com

9.      Where will the yoga classes be held?

The yoga classes will be held at 5/84 Great North Road, Five Dock, NSW, 2046.  (Enter from the arcade between ANZ Bank and St. George Bank)

10. What will I eat?

 The Cleanse is focused on eating whole nutrient dense foods.  The foods are specifically chosen to promote, encourage and support your body’s detoxifications systems.  They aim to take ‘the load’ off your digestive system, promoting healing and regeneration with a view to promoting an environment that is better able to digest and absorb food as well as daily eliminate body wastes, toxins and pathogens.

11. What type of yoga will I do?

The yoga will be based on a Vinyasa flowing style of yoga incorporating static and supported poses as required.   As a high level guide you can expect to:

  • Build awareness of the body, how it feels, how to encourage it to “open up and be receptive” for the Cleanse
  • Build awareness of poses and yoga principles that promote and encourage digestion and body elimination
  • Build awareness of poses and yoga principles that promote mobility in the upper and lower body
  • Build awareness of poses and yoga principles that enable you to promote ‘internal’ energy and enable you to open and clear your ‘heart’ energy.

12. What is the cost?

The cost is only $200.  I am sure you will agree this is enormous value.  We would love for you to join us.

13. Where do I register or request more information?

Please make Contact With Us directly.
Register In person: At your next yoga class
Register Online:  Click on the Buy Now button


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