5. Wellbeing Refresh by Design

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Wellbeing Refresh by Design

Why do this?

  1. Life always seems to be so busy, I seem to have two speeds, go and stop … I need help?
  2. I am not eating well, I am skipping breakfast and/or lunch and/or eating on the run too often?
  3. I am drinking that extra glass of wine (or two) just to unwind and get release from the day?
  4. I am suffering from ongoing fatigue, digestive issues or poor sleep?
  5. I am becoming way too forgetful, I cannot concentrate and/or my thinking is foggy?
  6. It has been so long since I did something for me, I cannot remember what it was?

If you answered yes, this plan is for you.  It is time to take charge and get your wellbeing back on track!

What you get?

  1. 20 day Wellbeing Refresh Plan
  2. Either 1 x 60minute or 2 x 30 minute health coaching session(s)
  3. A comprehensive food and health diary analysis

Our approach?

REDESIGN, as in a re-design your wellbeing.

  • R is for recharge.  In a modern busy world, regular wellbeing recharge is essential.
  • E is for enjoyment.  To reignite your enjoyment of food, life and healthy living.
  • D is for de-clutter.  Your house, your desk, your thoughts, what ever it is you need.
  • E is for exercise.  To get you to move your body.  Your body was designed to move.
  • S is for sanity.  As in regain.  A re-set of your wellbeing vision, what is important to you.
  • I is for inspiration.  So you choose and do wisely to create sustainable wellbeing.
  • G is for goodness.  The stuff in food required for growth, repair and maintenance.
  • N is for nourish.  The time you invest in you and your wellbeing.

Get started?

  • Pay for your Plan now.
  • And be contacted within 48hours to set up a convenient time for your appointment.

 More Info?

  • A claim for nutrition consults can be made through some Private Health Providers.
  • For answers to this and frequently asked questions go to Personal Clients FAQs.

 What clients say?

 Want a tailored eating plan?

  • Check out Healthy Eating Plan by Design, Healthier Eating by Design or Wellbeing by Design.

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