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Tailored Wellbeing Coaching Program

Tailored Wellbeing Coaching Program

$930.00 $884.00


Tailored Wellbeing Coaching Program

  • This is a 9 – 12week program anchored in health-wellbeing coaching.

It is about supporting you to create great wellbeing not by chance … but by intentional design.

We will work with you to design the roadmap to for you to do, feel, think and be well!

Power of habit?

Have you ever driven or caught the bus to work but not remembered the actual journey?  Have you ever wondered why?

It is estimated 40% of what we do each day is a habit? It one of the brain’s many strategies it employs to be efficient and effective.

We embed our eating and living habits over time, and then we repeat them day in day out until we use them without giving them conscious thought.

It is no wonder changing eating and living habits can be challenging.

I understand changing your eating and living habits requires sustained effort and commitment over time.

It is why I created this program.  To give you a program with sustained health coaching to give you guidance, support and structure to embed new eating and living habits.

To become the wellbeing you deserve!


  1. More energy and vitality
  2. Clearer thinking
  3. Improved mood
  4. Freedom from bloating, wind or reflux.
  5. Less pain and stiffness
  6. Less stress
  7. Better sleep
  8. A healthier weight
  9. Healthier ageing
  10. How to more effectively manage your health challenge (think insulin resistance, type-2-diabetes, fertility treatment, thyroid issues, high cholesterol, Crohn’s Disease, IBS, Fibromyalgia).

NOTE:  This program can support and complement medical or health treatment you are receiving from other health practitioners.

What you get?

Program Inclusion:Wellbeing Coaching Program 
Program length9-12 weeks (indicative only)
Pre-consult online health questionnaireYes
A nutritional and lifestyle assessmentYes
Health-Wellbeing & food diary analysisYes
A tailored healthy eating and lifestyle living planYes
Wellbeing-Health CoachingYes
Nutrition, healthy eating & living fact & coaching sheetsYes
Clear concise supplement recommendationsYes
Tailored Action PlanYes
Consults-Sessions: Varying length, refer typical scheduleEight Sessions

A Typical Program Schedule?

StartComplete Pre-consult online Wellbeing Assessment & a Health & Food Diary
Nutritional & Lifestyle Assessment Consult (60 minutes)
Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Living Plan (60 minutes)
Check In: Face to face or Online/Phone (15minutes)
Health Coaching Session, Progress Review (45 minutes)
Health Coaching Session, Progress Review (30 minutes)
Health Coaching Session, Progress Review (45 minutes)
Check In: Face to face or Online/Phone (15minutes)
Health Coaching Session, Progress Review (30 minutes)


Get started?

  • Purchase your Program Now and qualify for a program discount.
  • You will be contacted within 48hours to set up a convenient time for your first appointment.

More Info?

  • A claim for nutrition consults can be made through some Private Health Providers.
  • For this and more info go to Personal Clients FAQs.


  • Recommended supplements or functional testing is not included in the above price.