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Tailored Healthy Eating Plan

Tailored Healthy Eating Plan

$320.00 $295.00


Tailored Healthy Eating Plan

This program is designed to give you a tailored healthy eating plan.

To give you the clarity, certainty and confidence to eat healthier based on your specific wellness needs.

Use the plan to?

  1. Reboot, re-calibrate or re-set your quality of energy and wellness.
  2. Find freedom from unwanted symptoms:  Includes fatigue, energy slumps, poor sleep, stress, bloating, allergies, mood changes, skin changes, weight gain or pain and stiffness.
  3. Discover relief from issues associated with health conditions:  Includes thyroid challenges, Crohn’s Disease, insulin resistance, type-2-diabetes, Fibromyalgia, elevated cholesterol, PCOS and fertility challenges or;
  4. To understand what healthy eating means for you.

What you get?

  1. You complete a pre-consult online questionnaire.
  2. Comprehensive nutrition & lifestyle assessment – includes 60mins consult.
  3. Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan – includes a 45 mins consult.
  4. Food and health-wellbeing diary Analysis and Review.
  5. Supplement review as required.  Note supplements may not be recommended.

 Our Approach?

  1. Healthy eating nutritional and lifestyle assessment
  2. Tailored healthy eating nutrition and lifestyle plan
  3. A clear easy to follow targeted action plan

 Get Started?

  • Pay for your Nutrition Plan now and receive an upfront discount.
  • And be contacted within 48hours to set up a convenient time for your appointment.

 More Info?

  • A claim for nutrition consults can be made through some Private Health Providers.
  • For answers to this and frequently asked questions go to Personal Clients FAQs.

 What my clients say?


  • Recommended supplements or functional testing is not included in the above price.

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