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Nutrition Assessment Consult

Nutrition Assessment Consult

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Nutrition Assessment Consult

Be treated as an individual, not a one size fits all.

Changing your wellbeing habits and choices is a journey, it has two essential elements:

  1. An eating plan that provides direction on guidance on what, how and when to eat.
  2. A change plan that gives you insight and awareness into the why behind your habits and choices.

Where we start on the journey and how quickly we progress is different for each of us.

A Nutrition Program Assessment Consult will enable you to understand where your journey starts, what it will require you to achieve and sustain the change you seek.

It is your starting point.


  1. Pre-c0nsult questionaire.
  2. One on one Nutritional and lifestyle assessment.
  3. Food and Health Diary Analysis.
  4. Recommendation of Health Program that best meets your needs.

We will take into account:

  1. The pace of the program that suits your change journey.
  2. The level advice, support and guidance you need to achieve your goals.
  3. Your budget and lifestyle commitments.

Your only decision is to make a commitment to change your health.


  1. Initial Nutritional and Lifestyle Assessment
  2. Choose your Program

Get started?

  • To get started, you purchase your assessment consult on-line.
  • You will be contacted within 48hours to set up a convenient time for your first appointment.

More info?

  • A claim for nutrition consults can be made through some Private Health Providers.
  • For answers to this and more, please go to Personal Clients FAQs.


  • This does not include the cost of your Plan Consult, where your plan is presented to you.
  • Any recommended supplements or functional testing is not included in the above price.
  • This program is not available online. You will meet and work with Jan face to face.


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