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Your Healthier Eating Program by Design

Your Healthier Eating Program by Design



Healthier Eating by Design

  1. Understand what healthy eating means for you.
  2. Get access to clear, insightful and practical solutions.
  3. Nourish your health and enjoy your food.
  4. Understand how to navigate through eating change.

You receive a tailored nutrition plan and the education, guidance, tools and inspiration your required to embed sustainable healthy eating.

What are the benefits?

  1. More energy.
  2. A more even mood.
  3. An end to foggy thinking.
  4. Feeling less overwhelmed.
  5. Putting an end to sugar cravings?
  6. Escaping the draining cycle of eating and bloating?
  7. Ending your search for the holy grail of weight loss?
  8. Better manage the issues related to your health challenge? (includes fertility, insulin resistance, type-2-diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, arthritis, food intolerances, digestive disease)?Inclusions?

What you get?

Program Inclusion:Essentials of Healthy Eating
Program Length5-6 weeks (indicative only)
Pre-consult online health and wellbeing questionnaireYes
Nutritional and lifestyle assessmentYes
Health & food diary analysisYes
Tailored healthy eating planYes
Zinc & Urinalysis Health TestsYes
Healthy eating fact and information sheetsYes
Supplement recommendationsYes
A clear and tailored action planYes
Consults (1 x 60mins, 1 x 45mins, 2 x 30mins, 1x 15mins)Five Consults

 A Typical Program Schedule

Example: 6 Week Program

Week 0Pre-consult online survey
Week 160minute Nutritional & Lifestyle Assessment Consult
Week 2Receive Tailored Nutrition Plan (45 minutes)
Week 4Progress Review & Food Diary Analysis (30 minutes)
Week 6Progress Review & Food Diary Analysis (30 minutes)
Other15mins Phone/Skype Check-In

Get started?

  • Your investment is $460 for a program valued at $530.
  • Book your Program Now.
  • You will be contacted within 48hours to set up a convenient time for your first appointment.

More Info?

  • A claim for nutrition consults can be made through some Private Health Providers.
  • For info on this and more please read Personal Clients FAQs.


  • One free 15 minute check-in consult (via phone) is included.
  • Recommended supplements or functional testing are not included in the above plan.

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