Personal Client Testimonials


Personal Client Testimonials

What do personal clients say about Jan McLeod and Mad for Health?

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Personal clients

“I’ve been going to Jan McLeod for almost 6 months now. I heard she was an expert in working with people like me, so I was excited to see what she could do to help. For someone suffering from both Insulin Resistance and Ulcerative Colitis, Jan helped turn my life around.

Her expert advice on what foods to eat and avoid, as well as creating a lifestyle plan that best suits my conditions is what makes her stand out from other consultants. Jan really makes you feel comfortable within your own skin and focuses on whole health, rather than focusing on weight loss alone.

Since working with Jan I have seen a dramatic change in my body both on the inside and on the out. Jan is an absolute miracle worker and her warm approach makes you look forward to seeing her every time!”

“Jan came recommended to me by my fertility doctor, who had suggested I focus on nutrition and weight loss while trying to get pregnant. Having never visited a nutritionist before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out that Jan was exactly who I needed to help me at that point in my life. Her approach is evidence-based, flexible and nurturing, and she recognised that I needed to address lifestyle and stress issues in addition to weight loss. She was also very accommodating of my admittedly fussy food dislikes and intolerances, which made it far easier for me to make the big changes I needed to make.

Ultimately, I lost 17kg working with Jan before I became pregnant, then kept my pregnancy weight gain to a minimum, while improving my nutritional intake and addressing the heartburn and chronic indigestion that I had experienced. Working with Jan helped my pregnancy be healthier and easier, and it’s one less worry for me to not be stressed about pregnancy weight gain with my newborn.”

“I came to see Jan because of an under active thyroid and because I was struggling with always feeling bloated.  I thought I was eating well and maintaining a good healthy lifestyle.  However after completing a food diary at Jan’s request, I discovered the majority of what I was eating was not whole fresh quality nutritious food… from that moment on Jan helped me to understand what foods were best to support thyroid and digestive health and what food were best to limit.

In following her plan I found within a short time (2 weeks) I was already feeling so much better and actually enjoying the food she recommended.  Jan is a beautiful and understanding person and really does care about your health and wants to see you happy and healthy. I recommend Jan to anyone as you will get the results you are after if you do as she says.  She is the expert and knows her stuff.”

“I first saw Jan as a recommendation from my fertility doctor. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I’m not overweight so I never really thought I needed much change in my life – I was wrong. From my first consultation, Jan was very approachable and I instantly felt comfortable to talk to her about anything. Our first couple of sessions focused on nutrition. She created a meal plan for me but most importantly explained the science and logic behind each step. I remember feeling the benefits (increased energy and improved concentration among other things) of my healthier eating only after a week into it.

We also focused on stress management, which was something I’ve always struggled with. I am less anxious and more positive as a result of continuing the exercises and techniques that Jan taught me.

I think the biggest and most positive experience came from a 2 week Cleanse that Jan designed for me. At that point I had just gone through some medical treatments that left me with acne breakouts, feeling constantly tired and just feeling off. I came out of the Cleanse feeling lighter, refreshed, energised and the mental clarity I experienced was fantastic.

Working with Jan has been such a positive and wonderful experience and my lifestyle has improved since seeing her.”

“Jan brings a reassuring and extremely appealing mix of life skills, insight, experience and academia into her role as a nutritionist. She is incredibly informed and knowledgeable and exudes confidence and maturity but is also very realistic and down to earth.

I felt totally at ease and, whilst appreciating her precise and insightful diagnosis and recommendations, also enjoyed her warm and understanding manner. Jan doesn’t preach (something I have experienced with other practitioners) but consults with pragmatism and responsibility and has a holistic approach. She’s also great fun!”

“I was fast approaching 50, overweight, tired, vitamin D and Iron deficient, tired with young children and a demanding career, sounds like every mum, normal or so I thought! My body was stressed and I didn’t know it, I just wanted to lose some weight. I started to see Jan and found her very insightful and very knowledgeable. Jan focuses on the person as a whole, mind, body and spirit. Through healthy eating advice, some supplements, great general advice, a warm heart and an ever-listening ear, Jan made me realise the importance of looking after me.

For the first time in years I have lost weight, eat healthier foods with more variety, exercise, get more sleep, am less stressed and my health has improved. Like everyone I fall off the rails at times and Jan quickly helps to put me back on track, I have learned to take better care of myself. Jan is an absolute professional, informs, guides, nurtures and is straight down the line but never judges. Thank you Jan!”

“Working with Jan was a very good experience and the sessions were very helpful.  She designed a plan for my needs and together we could find what was missing in my diet and do the right adjustments. Jan recommended me healthy brands from the supermarket and made me try products that I never heard before. I met Jan in a difficult time in my life and she made me realize how stress could have a negative impact on my health too.”

Public Seminars & Workshops

How to Eat Healthy Workshop

  • “Passionate, inspirational, knowledgeable.

‘I totally enjoyed it and found it very inspirational.’
‘Your passion and desire for great food and eating well made it a great workshop.’
‘Session was great. Jan was lovely, personable and really knowledgeable.’
‘The areas covered were very useful.’
‘I would recommend Jan to friends who have specific health or weight loss issue.’
‘I liked the practicality and realism associated with developing an eating plan.’
‘I was very impressed with your philosophy and approach.'”

How to Eat a Balanced Diet & Make Veggies Your Friend Workshop

  • Very useful and extremely satisfied.

‘Jan’s knowledge and delivery was great, workshop was well structured, it was delivered in a lovely environment and there were good handouts.’
‘I loved that Jan explained the biological and chemical aspects.’
‘I loved Jan’s clear and down to earth approach to nutrition.  I especially like Jan’s preference for whole foods.'”

How to Make your Gut your Friend (Change your Gut Health to Change your Health)

  • “Informative, high energy, great real life examples”

‘Easy to understand information which I could relate to.’
‘Very informative, provided context to changes required to improve my health’
‘Liked the researched knowledge.’
‘Great interaction with workshop participants.’
‘Great presentation – informative, high energy and great analogies bringing it to life.'”