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Define success?

Is it landing your dream job, taking the next step in your career, getting that much sought after pay rise, hitting your sales target, bringing in the next big deal, receiving acknowledgement for your program or key project?

Are you on your way to achieving these things?  Or have you possibly achieved some or all of these things?

So how do you feel?  Engaged, empowered, energised with a clear sense of purpose?

Or is that far from how you feel?  Are you:

  • Fatigued, stressed or at worst overwhelmed, feeling more like someone hired and wired not hired and inspired?
  • Too often impatient, frustrated, anxious or at worst angry, feeling unsupported and struggling to acknowledge the good?
  • Feeling distracted, reactive to your immediate environment, lacking time to plan, reflect or strategise, to create clear thinking space?
  • Struggling to align what you say and do, foster reasonable work-life boundaries, cultivate a life on your terms with a clear and directed sense of purpose?

Or have you not taken a real breath for so long that you are not sure how you feel?

We invest a significant amount of our capacity to accomplish work dreams.

Whether you feel as if you are being asked to wear more hats, juggle more projects, be more focussed, be more creative and innovative in the way we work, make our budgets stretch further, be an exemplary leader whilst of course role modelling reasonable work life boundaries.

Or whether you are struggling to get clear on how to cultivate and manifest the next move in your career, I can help.

I understand that the path to success requires a blend of qualifications, skills, experience, a self-directed attitude and hard work.

I also understand how you create and sustain high performance.


There are links and interdependencies between performance, wellbeing and change.

Insight into these linkages, how you leverage and refine them is an essential foundation for you to create and sustain high performance.

Your success is determined by your capacity to sustain and create high performance.

High Performance Capacity that is characterised.

  1. Optimal cognitive function and decision making capacity.
  2. Resilient wellbeing and sustainable energy.
  3. The ability to consistently be and to engage, influence and inspire.
  4. An ability to remain future focussed and solutions focussed.

A foundation to perform

My mix of education, skills and experience is unique.

I am a performance coach with 20+ years of experience in a range of areas of business including strategy, change management, product development, relationship management, finance and technology.  So I understand what is asked of you at work and what you need to do to achieve these things.

I am also a nutritionist, health coach and speaker.

I understand what is required to create and sustain wellbeing to enable high performance.

I look forward to working with you.

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