Partnering with Jan McLeod

Integrated solutions

Partnering with Jan McLeod

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Do you believe peak wellbeing, performance and leadership potential are interconnected and overlap.

Do you believe achieving peak wellbeing and high performance often requires integrated multi-disciplinary solutions?

Are you committed to enabling long term sustainable change to clients with their needs at the core of the solution?

Do you view wellbeing as multi-dimensional?  That it includes what you eat, how you think, how you relate (to yourself and others) and whether or not you have a clear sense of direction in life?

Then I would like to explore partnering with you to deliver integrated peak wellbeing and high performance solutions.

 Core beliefs

I believe:

  1. Ideally the aim is to create and promote preventative strategies and plans.
  2. Behaviour change is at the heart of enabling clients to achieve personal and professional goals.
  3. Facilitating positive self directed change helps enable make change sustainable.
  4. Effective strategies and plans are well structured and solution focussed.

Science & Art

My name is Jan McLeod, I am a coach, mentor, nutritionist and speaker.

I am the MD of Mad for Health delivering personal, business and organizational peak wellbeing and high performance consultancy services.

I believe the ability to facilitate change in wellbeing and performance is a science and an art.

That is it about leveraging evidenced based research intertwined with professional experience and insight.

And creating solutions that are integrated, tangible, targeted and enable clarity.


I am seeking to collaborate with professional and practitioners of like mind.

In my role as a mentor, coach, speaker and consultant facilitating individual, team and organizational high performance.

And as a clinical nutritionist working with personal and business clients to facilitate peak wellbeing for personal and professional potential.

I would welcome the opportunity to explore our ability to collaborate.

I encourage you to make contact.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards Jan