Should you be eating organic fruit and veg?

We know Aussies are not eating enough fruit and veg.  I am therefore often beating the drum to encourage all I can reach to eat more fresh fruit & veg.

A question I often get which follows my recommendation, is does my fruit and veg need to be organic?

Here is my current thoughts on this question.

Fruit and Veg intake facts?

  1. The average healthy adult should be eating approximately 1-2 serves of fresh fruit and 5-6 serves of fresh veg each day.
  2. Fruit and veg are packed with mineral, vitamins as well as other health promoting substances including antioxidants and fibre.
  3. Fruit and veg also contribute to our daily intake of water, carbohydrates and for some protein and iron.
  4. The nutrients in fruit and veg contribute and promote long term quality health.
  5. However we know many australians simply do not go near eating the recommended serves of fresh fruit and veg.

Organic vs non-organic debate?

Here is what I understand to be the current facts (at the time of writing).

  1. Growers and producers understand the soil quality and production process for growing fruit and veg can impact nutrient quality, taste, appearance and smell of fruit and veg.
  2. Research does not confirm the view that organic fruit and veg contain more nutrients than non-organic.
  3. Research does confirm that organic fruit and veg contain less pesticides residues and substances including antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

So what does this mean?

  1. Yes, responsible and sensible growers and producers of fruit and veg will seek to deliver you quality nutrient dense great tasting fruit & veg.
  2. Yes, your aim should be to limit excessive intake of other substances in fruit and veg such as pesticide residues.
  3. Yes, the minimum choice in your food has to be fresh fruit and veg, and if your budget allows for it buy what you can as organic fruit and veg.
  4. Yes, there are some fruit and veg that are likely to have been subject to more chemicals in their production, so you may wish to consider buying the organic version of these (see below).
  5. Yes, it is essential to maintain optimal health as it will maximise your body’s ability to detoxify and remove other substances that have potential to undermine your health.
  6. Yes, if you health is particularly compromised, the quality of your fruit and veg and it being free of additional potential harmful substances becomes more important.
  7. Yes, if you can buy your fruit and veg where possible from a local supplier so the time it has been kept in cold storage is likely minimised.

Fruit and Veg to buy organic?

If you are particularly concerned about other substances such as pesticide residues you can be selective as to which fruit and veg you buy organic.

US based research indicates there are fruit and veg that may have be exposed to higher levels of pesticide residues than others.

The top five are Apples, Strawberries, Grapes, Celery and Peaches.

If you would like to understand more on which fruit and veg to buy I encourage you to make contact.

Enjoy your food.

ciao Jan