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Jan McLeod: Coach, Mentor, Nutritionist, Speaker

Informed, engaging, inspiring and solutions focused.

Jan is a highly skilled coach, clinical nutritionist, speaker and consultant with an unusual blend of experience.

She started life on a traditional path in Corporate, where Jan held various senior management roles in areas including strategy, financial, relationship, and technology and change management. 

She then moved on to run a small consultancy facilitating business and strategy review for medium sized corporates. 

But because Jan is by nature is inquisitive, new learning and insight continued to beckon her.

She went on to study nutritional medicine, then coaching and to pursue her interest in areas related to human wellbeing and performance potential.

To pursue her passions she has founded two companies. 

Wellbeing by Design

Through Mad for Health she work as a clinical nutritionist and health coach delivering nutritional, healthy eating and health coaching guidance to personal clients.

Her focus is on endocrine health; the body systems that function to maintain balance in the body including the body’s ability to respond to and effectively manage the impact of stress.

Mad for Health offers personal clients three core services:

  1. Nutrition Consults to enable the path to healthy eating.
  2. Health Coaching to enable clients to architect their wellbeing.
  3. Wellbeing Programs to enable clients to create wellbeing by design.

Performance by Design

Through The Capacity Equation she works as a performance coach, speaker and consultant in business.

A specialist in the area of high performance working with individuals, teams as well as the wider business.

The Capacity Equation offers business clients three core programs :

  1. Capacity by Design helping individuals & teams be energised, engaged, empowered.
  2. Mindset by Design helping individuals & teams build a sustainable high performance mindset.
  3. Resilience by Design fostering organizational physical, emotional & mental resilience.

It all offers Coaching, Key Note Speaking and Consulting services.

Jan’s expertise

  1. She understands the interconnectedness between wellbeing, performance and leadership.
  2. She understands links between mindset, thinking, habits and achieving and sustaining behaviour change.
  3. She is a clinical nutritionist with a specialist focus on body systems essential to creating sustainable wellbeing balance.
  4. She has expertise in a variety of topics; they include neuroscience that explains how the brain works, drivers of sustainable workplace performance, stress management, resilience, mindfulness, capacity management and links between mindset-thinking preference and behavior change.

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Mad for Health and her work with personal clients:

The Capacity Equation and her work with business clients:


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