Love healthy food but no kale in my brownie please.

You will know from having read or heard anything from me that I am passionate about healthy food and mindful-living.

You also know a mantra of mine is “I believe the principles of fresh food, quality, moderation and variety are synonymous with healthy balanced eating”.

I believe aiming to create balance is important in all that we do.

However I am concerned at times that in our pursuit to eat healthy and live mindfully we are losing our focus on balance.

What has this got to do with kale and a brownie?  Read on.

Four principles for healthy living

Let’s first talk about what the four principles I mentioned above mean in a practical sense in day-to-day life:

  • Fresh – aim to buy produce that is in season as it is more likely to be fresh.  And if you can check out your local farmers market.
  • Variety – look for variety in what you eat and drink to give yourself the best chance of getting all the nutrients you need.
  • Quality – where possible buy free range or organic to promote nutrient density but also to limit potentially harmful substances.
  • Moderation – food is to be enjoyed, so relax and enjoy however focus on moderating how much you eat or drink.

Now let’s get back to the kale and brownie.

A treat should be a treat

I believe treats are part of healthy balanced eating.  I believe if you eat well most of the time you can comfortably include occasional treats.

True, I will always encourage you seek out the best produce in your treats however I will encourage you to include treats, because I think it is part of having fun, relaxing and enjoying food.

It is why I personally do not want kale in my brownie.  Kale is great, I am one of those people who loves pretty much most veg however to me it does not belong in my brownie.

Why do I need to say this?

Because I went to buy a brownie this week and the brownie had kale in it and the brownie tasted like kale.

I don’t want kale in my brownie

I know kale is pretty on trend right now.  It is a great food however I believe there are many great foods.

I also believe in variety, moderation and balance.  Which means kale is one of the foods I may choose to eat, in moderate amounts and in balance relative to the rest of my diet.

I see a brownie as a treat.

When I have a brownie I would like the best quality ingredients so it tastes sublime but I want it to taste like a chocolate brownie not like Kale.

I looked up the definition of treat and found “an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure”.

Brownies are not a daily event for me and they give great pleasure.  At the risk of overdoing the drama card here “this is the role of brownie, no more no less”.

For me healthy balanced eating includes treats and yes on occasion a chocolate brownie.

I encourage you to relax, enjoy and have fun with your food.

Have a wonderful day.

ciao Jan