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Wellbeing Mindset

Cultivate a Wellbeing Mindset 

Perfecting the formula to foster high performance is much sought after.  It requires you to:

  1. Be skilled, competent and capable in your sphere of expertise.
  2. Practice reciprocity and respect in collaborating, being able to engage in healthy debate and discussion.
  3. Have clarity, buy-in and passion to vision and purpose, including goals, strategies, measures of success and delivery plans.
  4. Understand the tools and resources required to bring business vision, goals and priorities to reality.
  5. Foster an environment that promotes your (individual) as well as team ownership and accountability.

I believe all of these ingredients are essential but not sufficient.

I believe you also need to foster peak wellbeing.

And I believe a key enabler of peak wellbeing is a wellbeing mindset.

How you think, feel and do wellbeing has an impact on your performance;

  1. The quality of your thinking; decision making.
  2. How you view and experience your work environment.
  3. How you relate to, engage and influence others.
  4. How to be self-directed, connected to vision, goals and priorities.

As an employee, you spend as much as a third of their life at work.

It means your work environment has a significant potential to shape and influence your wellbeing.

Wellbeing mindset

You and I have preferences as to how we prefer to think.

There is no right and wrong in these preferences, however there are implications.

Including implications as to how you build and leverage your wellbeing.

Building insight into your thinking preferences will allow you to understand the why, what and how behind your wellbeing choices.

I will help your understand your wellbeing strengths and your wellbeing areas of opportunity, to have clarity on how to improve your wellbeing.

In the simplest of terms:

  1. Making the same choices
  2. Wanting a different outcome
  3. Whilst getting the same outcomes
  4. Is an opportunity in waiting
  5. An opportunity for improved wellbeing

Understanding your wellbeing mindset, can help you revolutionise your approach to cultivating peak wellbeing.

To use wellbeing as a lever to enable high performance.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Become aware of your wellbeing mindset.
  2. Understand its implications.
  3. Identify the benefits for changing your mindset
  4. Learn why-what-how of changing your mindset.


  1. More effective time management.
  2. Less risk-experience of decision fatigue.
  3. Improved concentration and memory recall.
  4. Increased engagement and/or motivation.
  5. More effective emotional regulation.
  6. Greater mental capacity for problem solving.
  7. Improved productivity; your ability to do.
  8. Increased capacity for self-direction.
  • A wellbeing mindset is a key enabler of high performance.

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