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Cultivating a Wellbeing Mindset 

Perfecting the formula to foster high performance culture is much sought after.  It requires:

  1. Selecting individuals, skilled in their own right but who when brought together provide a complete circle of competency and aptitude.
  2. Creating a culture characterised by reciprocity, respect and cohesiveness but which still allows for healthy debate and discussion.
  3. Enabling clarity, buy-in and passion to an agreed common vision and purpose that includes goals, strategies, measures of success and delivery plans.
  4. Providing access to the tools, funds and resources required to bring business vision, goals and prorities to reality.
  5. Fostering an environment that promotes team and individual ownership and accountability.

I believe all of these ingredients are essential but not sufficient.

I believe in addition to the above you need to cultivate and foster a high performance wellbeing mindset.

How we think, feel and do wellbeing has an impact on performance;

  1. The quality of your thinking, hence decision making.
  2. How you view and experience your work environment.
  3. How you relate and influence others.
  4. How well you able to be self-directed, connect to goals and priorities.

Employees spend as much as a third of their life at work.

As a result, the work environment has a significant potential to shape and influence wellbeing.

Wellbeing mindset

We all have preferences as to how we like to think.  There is no right and wrong, however their are implications.

Implications as to how we approach building and leveraging our wellbeing.

I use thinking preferences to understand the why behind people’s wellbeing choices.

I help employees understand their wellbeing strengths, as well as their wellbeing areas of opportunity, how they can improve their wellbeing.

In the simplest of terms:

  1. Making the same choices
  2. Wanting a different outcome
  3. Whilst getting the same outcomes
  4. Is an opportunity in waiting
  5. An opportunity for improved wellbeing

Understanding your wellbeing mindset, can revolutionise how you approach and act on wellbeing.

It is a lever that can be used to move you closer to sustainable high performance.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Become aware of your wellbeing mindset.
  2. Understand its implications.
  3. Identify the benefits for changing your mindset
  4. Learn why-what-how of changing your mindset.


  1. More effective time management.
  2. Less risk-experience of decision fatigue.
  3. Improved concentration and memory recall.
  4. Increased engagement and/or motivation.
  5. More effective emotional regulation.
  6. Greater mental capacity for problem solving.
  7. Improved productivity; your ability to do.
  8. Increased capacity for self-direction.
  • A wellbeing mindset is a key enabler of high performance.

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