Healthy ageing. Fanciful thinking? Or a real concept?

I believe a real concept.

Ageing is a normal process, it is part of your human experience.

Research confirms your experience of the ageing process, how you progress through ageing can be shaped and influenced by your wellbeing choices.

Specifically, through preventative wellbeing strategies. Choices you make in all areas of your wellbeing.

These areas include (however are not limited to) your food choices, your movement / exercise routine, how you recharge and recover including your ability to manage (negative) stress.

Research confirms these choices, particularly those you repeat (your habits) can culminate over time to influence your ability to age healthier.

However I believe there is a second aspect you need to consider, to reflect on.

How you think about the ageing process?

The thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and perceptions you hold with regards ageing? These will shape and influence on how you plan for and prepare for impacts of ageing.

The better you prepare, the more likely you will have a better experience transitioning into and enjoying the later years of your life.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know, hear me answer four key questions on how to prepare for healthier ageing?

Listen to my recent interview with Rob Bee on his podcast the Art of Vibrancy.

The episode is titled “Healthy ageing by design, not by chance”.

To hear Rob and I on the Art of Vibrancy podcast discussing healthy ageing follow the link below:

My wellbeing audit

If you listened to the podcast, and are looking for the free cheat sheet – My Wellbeing Audit mentioned in the episode, look no further, download it here.


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Wishing you healthy ageing.

ciao Jan