Corporate Performance-Wellbeing Workshops

Educate, empower and inspire performance-wellbeing


Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

There is a direct link between wellbeing, employee performance and your bottom line.

Research confirms a workforce characterised by quality wellbeing is more motivated, creative, innovative, productive and resilient.

That they are likely to have greater self awarenes, be more engaged, empowered and accountable.

Invest in performance & wellbeing

Your employees are your most valued asset.  As such it is essential to invest and enable their ability to perform.

Workshops are designed to educate, empower and inspire.

  1. To enable employee insight into how wellbeing can be used as an enabler of performance.
  2. To create clarity on how to create and sustain a wellbeing foundation for high performance.
  3. Help participants create a ‘tool box’ of insights, learnings and practical take-away strategies.

The aim is to assist you to foster a working environment that:

  1. Creates, protects and maximises day to day productivity.
  2. Facilitates confident, agile and responsive decision making.
  3. Promotes engagement, buy-in and clarity in communication.
  4. Fosters alignment between activities and business priorities and goals.

What to expect?

  1. Flexibility on format, delivery and timing of workshops and seminars.
  2. Option to invest in standalone workshops, a series or workshops within a Program.
  3. For workshops to be educational, empowering and inspiring.
  4. Workshops to be interactive, to promote accountability in wellbeing and performance.
  5. Participants to leave sessions armed with a tool kit of strategies to use immediately.

Potential Topics?

  1. Effective Stress Management for High Performance
  2. How to Optimise Performance through Resilience
  3. How to Eat for Peak Wellbeing & High Performance
  4. How to Build Sustainable Wellbeing By Design
  5. Why, What and How of Moving More and Sitting Less
  6. The Link Between High Performance & Mindfulness
  • A workforce characterized by quality wellbeing is more motivated, creative, innovative, productive and resilient!

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