Corporate Performance-Wellbeing Programs

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Corporate Wellbeing Programs


Research confirms those who achieve optimal workplace performance are:

  1. Clear, concise and effective in their decision making.
  2. Excel in engagement, motivation and collaboration.
  3. Practice sustainable energy management.
  4. Able to remain aligned to vision, goals and priorities.

At Mad for Health, we describe these people with four words:

  1. Focused
  2. Influential
  3. Productive
  4. Self-directed

Link to wellbeing?

The question is what has workplace performance got to do with wellbeing?

At Mad for Health we know the answer is “everything”.

There is an overlap, a link, an interdependency between performance and wellbeing.

If you want quality workplace performance you need to invest in enabling wellbeing.

It is why investment in a targeted Corporate Performance-Wellbeing Program is an essential part of a company’s talent management plan.

What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing that enables optimal workplace performance is distinguished by excellence in four areas:

  1. Thinking capacity; agile, relevant and focused decision making
  2. Relating capacity; engaged, motivated and collaborative, able to influence
  3. Doing capacity; energised and productive despite work demands ebbs and flows
  4. Future focus capacity; self directed, solutions and future focused.

Targeted Learning

Targeted learning is about delivering a Program where:

  1. Content is aligned to employee wellbeing (performance) needs.
  2. Delivery is designed to maximise employee access to learning.
  3. Objectives are clear, and employees leave with an toolkit to enable action.
  4. Outcomes support achievement of businesses business priorities and goals.
  • Programs are designed to enable wellbeing for optimal performance.

  • Programs are designed to deliver targeted learning outcomes.

Programs comprise:

Three core elements to a Wellbeing Program:

  1. Wellbeing speaking; a workshop, seminar, webinar or key note.
  2. Wellbeing coaching; used to reinforce learnings and insights
  3. Wellbeing assessment; to identify wellbeing challenges on which to focus

Why Unique?

  1. We understand the overlap and link between wellbeing and performance.
  2. We know what it is like to work in a busy, demanding and fast paced business environments.
  3. We have the clarity as to what drives and informs employee and business performance.
  • A Performance-Wellbeing Program is an essential element of your Talent Management Plan.

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