Corporate Health Assessments

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Corporate Health Assessments

We make choices every day about we eat and how we live our life. Some of these choices will promote good health and others undermine it.

It is the total sum of our choices that we repeat over the years that impact the quality of our health.

The value of health assessments

Health assessments evaluate that status of day-to-day dietary and lifestyle factors (in and out of work) known to give rise to fatigue, lack of stress resilience, poor concentration, memory and clarity of thought and compromised immunity.

Symptoms that indicate employees may be at risk of increased risk of chronic, lifestyle and environmentally related health issues or disease.  Symptoms that can compromise and undermine levels of employee satisfaction, performance and workplace health resilience, factors that are the cornerstone to a business’s ability to foster and promote a resilient and effective working environment and culture.

Health markers, eating and lifestyle habits are assessed against recommended health, dietary and lifestyle markers consistent with optimal health and wellbeing.

Participants receive feedback on how your food and lifestyle choices may be impacting their health, nutrition and lifestyle status, as well as their workplace performance, levels of satisfaction and health resilience.  And importantly they receive feedback on nutritional and lifestyle strategies which they can implement in the areas identified for improvement.

If more than 30 employees complete health assessments, a report summarising trends and insights can be provided to the business.

What to expect?

My approach is to work with you to create assessments that meet your outcomes.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessments:

  • Can be targeted at the Executive, Manager or Employee Level.
  • Form part of a broader planned or existing health program.
  • Be conducted as a stand-alone activity.
  • Be conducted face to face or online.

Please be aware as a nutritionist I do not conduct medical examinations.

Next steps?

Make contact to discuss how I can help your business and employees achieve better health.