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Increase your food, health and nutrition knowledge and discover strategies for improving your health.

How to Make your Gut your Friend – Change your Gut Health to Change your Health

Are you fed up with bloating, wind, fatigue, joint pain or feeling unwell?

Do you want more energy, more vitality, to wake up and feel good, to have the ability to deal with your busy life?

Then this workshop is for you.

There is an ever increasing list of health issues (think unresolved fatigue, poor immunity, food intolerances, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, overweight/obesity, joint pain, skin issues, anxiety) and health conditions (including depression, Type-2-diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, blood sugar and thyroid challenges) associated with poor gut health?  It is essential you understand how to build and fortify your gut health.

Read more about How to Make your Gut your Friend – How to Change your Gut Health to Change your Health.


How to eat a balanced diet and make veggies your friend?

Have you heard the term balanced diet and wondered what it really meant for day-to-day eating?

Do you sometimes struggle for fresh and interesting ideas of how to include sufficient veg in your diet?

Are you aware as Australians we eat twice the recommended dietary guidelines of meat (a whopping average consumption of 113kg per person per year) (1) and almost three times more than the world average (2)?

Read more about how to create a balanced diet which is rich in veg and includes healthier amounts of meat.

References: (1) Australian Dietary Guidelines 2013.  (2) Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report 2012.


How to eat healthy?

Health, nutrition and food seem to be the new ‘it’ topics for discussion.

We inundated with information advising us to eat this and avoid that, no wonder we can often feel a little confused and conflicted.

Come along for practical, informed and easy to follow guidelines that will have you reaping the rewards of healthier eating.

Read more about How to Eat Healthy.


Re-ignite your vitality through healthy eating

I know what you eat and how you live day-to-day contributes to the quality of your health?

I also know your life is busy, often leaving you short on time juggling competing priorities?

Trends also indicate we sit longer, are less active, deal with more stress and are coming in contact with an increasing array of toxins, all of which take a toll on our health?

I believe it is important to take time out to renew and refresh your foundation for long-term quality health.

  • Time to refresh your commitment to health as a priority.
  • Time to re-ignite your passion in healthy eating and living.
  • Time required to refresh and revitalise your health.

Read on to learn how to refresh and revitalise your health.

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