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How healthy are supermarket dinner kit meals?

How healthy are super market pre-packaged dinner kit meals?

Convenience is much sought after when you are busy and time poor.

Pre-packaged dinner kit supermarket meals have been with us since around the 1950’s.  We are often told they are our best option if we are poor time.

Read on to understand whether this is true.  And importantly to understand how healthy these dinner kit meals are.


How to eat healthy during Christmas & New Year?

How to eat healthy during Christmas and New Year?

Put your hand up if the festive season is a challenge to your waistline?  Yes my hand high in the air.  Coming from a large Aussie/Italian family the phrase “… eat and be merry …” went hand in hand with Christmas celebrations.  It seemed wherever I turned there was delicious food tempting my tastebuds and someone testing my will with their offer of ‘just one more serve’.


What is a super food?

What is a super food?  We are often being told to eat them.  Why?  What makes a food a super food?

Do super foods possess super human powers which will be bestowed upon us once we eat them.  Does it mean once we have eaten them we will suddenly want to don blue tights and a red cape and fly across the skies upholding good health for all?

Let me put my dry and yes I agree sometimes unusual sense of humour to one side and move on.

Let us start with a definition.  Most are similar to the tone of this one.  “A nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being”.

But what does that really mean?

Read on.


To juice or not to juice?

To juice or not to juice?  Yes it sounds very Shakespearean and dramatic.

It seems at the moment that everyone is talking about juicing, thinking about juicing or is experimenting with juicing.  So not surprisingly I am being asked a lot about what I think about juicing.  The most common questions are:

  1. Is it good for my health, if so what are the benefits?
  2. Is it essential to detox my body and/or clean out my digestive system and if so what are the best juices for me?
  3. Is it essential to good health and if so should I be doing it on a regular basis?

Like many things in life the answer is not black and white, rather the answer is ‘it depends’.

Let me explain.