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What is a healthy eating plan for ….?

What is a healthy eating plan …. for weight loss, fatigue, stress, hormone balance, fertility, muscle pain, allergies, sleep …

Being asked what is a healthy eating and what should I eat is one of the most frequent questions I am asked.

Essentially people would like to know:

  • What is a healthy eating plan?
  • Have you heard of eating plan or diet A or B and if so, what do you think?
  • Is there a eating plan specifically for ……..?

My answer is always the same, it depends.  There is no one eating plan that suits everyone.  We are all different and because we are all different you need to have someone develop an eating plan that works for ‘you’.

Urrgh I can hear from some of you say in frustration.  I understand your frustration as I know you are looking for a simple answer to what you believe is a simple question.  However what may seem on the surface to be a simple question is in fact a loaded question.  Your question assumes I have understanding and insight into a significant amount of information about you as a person.

Let me explain.

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How much to eat and how much to exercise?

How much should you eat and how much should you exercise?  Does good health simply come down to these two questions?

In seeking to justify the infiltration of junk food ads on our TV, I heard a representative from the Advertising Industry say something to the effect…”it is people’s responsibility to decide what they eat…after all it is about energy in and energy out”.  In effect he was saying balance food intake with how much exercise or activity you do.

Yes, it is true, it is ultimately a person’s responsibility to decide on what they eat, and yes it is important to balance food intake (energy in) with activity/exercise (energy out).

However I am in emphatic disagreement (if such a type of agreement exists) that it is NOT just about how much you eat and howactive you are.

Why?  Because the relationship between health and food quality is being ignored.

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Why become a nutritionist?

Why become a nutritionist?  What does a nutritionist do?

My journey to becoming a nutritionist started a long time ago. When I was approximately 10 years old, it was discovered I had a thyroid autoimmune disease – I had Hashimoto’s. I went from being a happy high energy child full of beans to a teary child who could not get out of bed in the mornings. I also developed a lump in my throat; a goitre. Key signs something was not right.

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A health philosophy …


Jan McLeod - Founder for Mad for Health

A health philosophy …  welcome to Mad for Health.

My aim in writing the blog is to keep you informed and up to date on nutrition and lifestyle topics and trends and help you to get to know me.

There is so much information available on what, why, when, how and if you should eat ‘this or that’ or adopt ‘A, B or C’ lifestyle habit.  My aim is to provide informed, simple and down to earth information that will help you work out what is fact versus fiction, trend or fashion. I will also aim to prove you can tantalise your taste buds whilst still nourishing your mind body and soul.

I also believe it is important you understand a little more about me, what I believe is important for achieving and maintaining good health.

Let’s begin with the principles underpinning  my health philosophy.

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