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Simple exercise tips

Simple exercise tips.

Some of us invest a significant amount of time and money to exericse.  And some of us lack the confidence to know where to start being active.

There has been a significant amount of research conducted on exercise.  The concluding principles of this research are consistent and surprisingly common-sense.

Read on for simple exercise tips that I believe will help you reap reward and enjoyment for your efforts.

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How to achieve optimal health?

How to achieve optimal health?  So many health experts, so many health solutions.

Health information and solutions appear infinite.

If you start reading or researching, you may disappear for days, weeks or maybe for months.  And it is likely you will resurface still confused about where to start.

What is it you need to know before you jump in?

Read on for clear and simple insights into what appears to be our modern-day holy grail – our desire for optimal health.

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How to change your food habits?

How to change your food habits?

Do you know you need to eat better, do you know what you should be eating but still don’t.

Do you feel that despite your best intentions life and stuff seem to derail or seemingly sabotage your efforts?

Have you wondered why?

Read more about what you need to know to begin your journey of changing your food habits.

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Workshop – How to Make your Gut your Friend

Workshop – How to Make your Gut your Friend.  Learn how to change your gut health to change your health.

Is you life busy?  Are you thriving or do you feel like you are just surviving to get through your day?

Jan explains:

“Poor gut health is associated with an ever-increasing list of health issues (think unresolved fatigue, poor immunity, being overweight, skin rashes, food intolerances, IBS, joint point and anxiety) as well as health conditions (including depression, Type-2-diabetes, blood sugar and thyroid issues.   It can come with unwanted bloating, wind and other digestive symptoms leaving you feeling uncomfortable and blah. 

It is why I am passionate about helping people understand know how to build good gut health.  It really can make a difference to people’s quality of life.”

My new workshop is designed to help you change your gut health to change your health.  I believe it is about creating the health you need to live a busy life.

Read on for info on a workshop that will explain what you need to know about How to Make your Gut your Friend. How to Change your Gut Health to Change your Health.

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How to nap to improve mood & alertness

How to nap to improve mood and alertness.

Did you know statistics indicate we are becoming more not less sleep deprived?  Poor quality or lack of sleep that leads to sleep deprivation contributes to and is associated with a range of health conditions and diseases.

Other than investing in 7-8 hours sleep a night, did you know you can use napping as a simple strategy to help combat sleep deprivation.

Read on to understand how to reap these benefits of napping.

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How healthy are supermarket dinner kit meals?

How healthy are super market pre-packaged dinner kit meals?

Convenience is much sought after when you are busy and time poor.

Pre-packaged dinner kit supermarket meals have been with us since around the 1950’s.  We are often told they are our best option if we are poor time.

Read on to understand whether this is true.  And importantly to understand how healthy these dinner kit meals are.

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