Jan McLeod - Founder for Mad for Health

A health philosophy …  welcome to Mad for Health.

My aim in writing the blog is to keep you informed and up to date on nutrition and lifestyle topics and trends and help you to get to know me.

There is so much information available on what, why, when, how and if you should eat ‘this or that’ or adopt ‘A, B or C’ lifestyle habit.  My aim is to provide informed, simple and down to earth information that will help you work out what is fact versus fiction, trend or fashion. I will also aim to prove you can tantalise your taste buds whilst still nourishing your mind body and soul.

I also believe it is important you understand a little more about me, what I believe is important for achieving and maintaining good health.

Let’s begin with the principles underpinning  my health philosophy.

The principles of good health

I believe good health is a result of what we eat and do day-in-day-out, week-in-week-out, month-in-month-out.  Having the occasional treat is absolutely okay, in fact it is important.  It is what we do most of the time that will add up to our current health and wellbeing.  Put simply I don’t believe in fads, diets or the latest craze. I believe in finding the ‘right’ balance’ for eating well and living healthier day-to-day.

I also believe each of us can learn to become our own best ‘health coach’.  Your body will give you signs (we call them symptoms) when it is not happy with our food choices and lifestyle habits.  It will also give you signs when it likes the choices you make – you will have more energy, greater vitality, less aches and pains, better sleep…I could go on.

I believe we need to learn what works best for our own bodies. What works for one person is unlikely to work for another. Part of becoming our our own health coach includes increasing our understanding of nutritious food and healthier living in the context of what works best for our ‘own’ bodies.

I believe we need to be responsible for our health.  Anybody can tell you what to do, however I believe we need to choose to have good health.  I understand the choice is not always easy; it can be difficult, confronting and challenging however making the choice is important for achieving long term success.

And I believe that changing our food choices and lifestyle habits is a process.  When you take on a new job it takes time to learn what, how and when you need to do the activities involved.  Eating great food and adopting healthier lifestyle habits is the same.  And just like you have somebody to help you learn your new job, as a nutritionist I will help you learn how to change your food and lifestyle habits.

Nutrition and activity is nature’s gift

Finally, I believe the eating nutritious food and living a healthier life can be fun, rewarding and satisfying.  Being healthy is often equated to boring, restrictive and ‘blah’.  Nature has given us all we need.  I believe food and healthier living can be fun, tantalising and delicious whilst still being nutritious.

I look forward sharing lots more in the coming months.

Ciao, Jan