10 reasons to support Meat Free Week.

I am a nutritionist and a health and I am a meat eater.  So why do I support Meat Free Week?

Ten reasons to support Meat Free Week

  1. To discover foods that will help you add more fibre to you diet.  Too many of us are not including foods rich in fibre.
  2. Eat more fresh fruit and veg.  The statistics for Australians are alarming, 1 in 10 eat recommended veg servings and 3-4/10 eat the recommended fruit servings.
  3. To add more variety to the food you eat.  It is too easy to eat the same things week in and week out.  Our bodies need a variety of nutrients that come from a variety of foods.
  4. Understand there are plant foods also rich in iron.  Many of us assume iron and protein equals meat, there are other options e.g. nuts, legumes, grains, vegies like mushrooms and sweet potato.
  5. Learn more about the nutrients your body needs to optimise its quality of health.  We inhabit these amazing body’s every day and we often assume they will continue to work regardless of what we do to them.  Chronic poor health can be a result of what you do day-in-day-out, year-in-year-out.  It is never too late to change your habits.
  6. Reduce your level of meat intake.  Many of us simply eat too much meat.  The NHRMC recommends a maximum of 455g of lean red meat per week.  Bowel Cancer Australia recommends you limit meat intake to 500g per week.
  7. To encourage you to that living in harmony with our environment is important.  I believe we should take to eat only that what we need and put back to nature what it needs to continue to provide for us.
  8. To help promote the wonderful Farmer’s Markets around your city, where you can buy great fresh farm grown produce.
  9. To understand it is not just about what you eat that is important, it is about how much you eat, where your food is grown, what you eat it with and the ratio in food groups you include on your plate that will contribute to the quality of your health.
  10. It is an opportunity to make a change in what, how and why you eat that has the potential to improve your quality of health.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out the Meat Free Website.  It is one week of your life that may provide you with a impetus to make lifelong changes that will improve the quality of your health.  See it as an a journey of discovery for your sight, smell, tastes and textures.  Why would you not do it?

ciao Jan